The Council of Four

The Council of Four in the Year of the Ageless One (1479 DR)

Grand Duke Ulder Ravengard: The leader and Marshal of the Flaming Fist,l Ulder remains a meticulous man who forgets nothing and forgives less. Ravengard is stolid and terse by nature, slow to speak and to decide except in battle. But once a decision is made, he never relents until he sees it through. He believes the Flaming Fist is the city’s backbone and the key to its strength and superiority over its competitors. Over the past century Ulder has become a powerful leader in the Flaming Fists. Ulder Ravengard is the incarnation of militarism; the only beauty he appreciates is precision and the only thing he values is utility. Marshall Ravengard acts as Grand Duke Abdel Adrian’s right-hand man, the highest ranking officer in the Flaming Fist, and the Warden of Wyrm’s Rock. Nearly 50 years ago Ulder thwarted an assassination attempt on Grand Duchess Jannath, and died in the process. When Bhaal, the god of Murder returned a decade ago, (1469 DR) the Council of Four negotiated that the Temple of Gond resurrect Ulder. The dedicated spirit of loyalty and love for his beloved city resulted in a successful resurrection. He is hailed as a hero, beloved by the people, and ascended to the ducal council upon the recent retirement of the previous Grand Duke Abdel Adrian, a Bhaalspawn who rejected his cursed heritage.

Duchess Belynne Stelmane: Once a vigorous and formidable politician, Belynne Stelmane recently suffered a seizure after assuming the seat left by Duchess Liia Jannath, who was assassinated by agents of the Iron Throne and the Shadow Thieves. Half her handsome face is paralyzed now, and an uncertain gait and constant tremor in her left arm have replaced her once legendary grace. Even though she strives to perform her new ducal duties and jealously guards her privileges, her thinking seems slow, and her words come even more slowly. Duke Stelmane leads the Baldur’s Gate branch of the Knights of the Silver Shield, a secret society of Sword Coast nobles, merchants and traders.

Duke Torlin Silvershield: Torlin is the grandson of Duke Entar Silvershield. He is now the patriarch of the old Silvershield family. After the return of the god of Murder, he was instrumental in efforts to resurrect the hero Ulder Ravenguard, he was later elected to the Council of Four. He is the head of the Church of Gond in the Western heartlands, a proud, sanctimonious man in his 50s, he is fanatical in his aims to make the Gondians the most powerful political faction in the city.

Duke Dillard Portyr: A short, portly man in his sixties, his once black hair is now gray and thinning, and he wears a shabby wig out of habit rather than vanity. A veteran investor and merchant, he made his fortunes with the Iron Throne, who’s interests he represents in the Council. He is a prominent member of the Church of Waukeen in Baldur’s Gate, making frequent donations. He is known to hold grudges for years, and has many allies, (and enemies) among the wealthier Patriar families.

The Council of Four

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