NPC's of Baldur's Gate


Dabron Sashenstar: Handsome, charismatic, with an easy smile, and an explorers heart… This is how most remember after meeting the current head of the Sashenstar Patriar family, a Tethyrian exile family who has made their fortune in trade and exploration. He was squired to the King of Cormyr at a very young age, and was tutored by the famed wizard Vangerdahast. An aristocrat and explorer, Dabron has spent most of his life adventuring and exploring the world. He is even rumoured to have ridden with the Tuigan Horde when they invaded the west.

In the 1360s DR, Dabron Sashenstar left Baldur’s Gate and made an exploratory journey into Faerûn’s far northeast in an expedition sponsored by the Merchant’s League, which was headed by his house. He endured freezing temperatures and other hazards, crossed the Great Glacier, and reached the near-legendary kingdom of Sossal in the Year of the Prince, 1357 DR. He had successfully charted a path through the glaciers of the north and became the first westerner to visit and detail the country of the Sossrim.

By 1469 DR Dabron has not aged much more than a decade, (confirming rumors that he may be a Chosen of Shaundakul, the god of travelers and exploration). For the last 20 years Dabron has devoted his efforts to obtaining the secrets of sky ships from the magical nation of Halruaa, where he served briefly as ambassador and spy for the Merchants League.

Marshall Ulder Ravengard: Marshall Ulder remains a meticulous man who forgets nothing and forgives less. Ravengard is stolid and terse by nature, slow to speak and to decide except in battle. But once a decision is made, he never relents until he sees it through. He believes the Flaming Fist is the city’s backbone and the key to its strength and superiority over its competitors. Over the past century Ulder has become a powerful leader in the Flaming Fists. Ulder Ravengard is the incarnation of militarism; the only beauty he appreciates is precision and the only thing he values is utility. Marshall Ravengard acts as Grand Duke Abdel Adrian’s right-hand man, the highest ranking officer in the Flaming Fist, and the Warden of Wyrm’s Rock. 60 years ago Ulder thwarted an assassination attempt on Grand Duchess Jannath, and died in the process. When Bhaal, the god of Murder returned Recently, (1469 DR) the Council of Four negotiated that the Temple of Gond resurrect Ulder.

Lord Coran: A member of the Paliament of Peers, Coran is a Gold Elf. Formerly a warrior and renowned thief, Coran traded his adventuer’s life for the life of a merchant and information broker and a diletante of sorts among infamous patriar revels. Coran enjoys being in the know and playing the sardonic, world-wise observer. Coran holds a seat in among the Peers due to the debts and favors owed him by many prestigous families among the patriars. He is an ally of Grand Duchess Jannath, and open agent of the Lords Alliance.

NPC's of Baldur's Gate

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