Azuth's Chariot, a Halruuan Skyship


Azuth’s Chariot is the rechristened skyship that was of recent the property of the Red Wizard Rath Modar. Taken as spoils after defeating the Red Wizard, the Company of the Twin Foxes has put it to use as a mobile command post from which to organize their missions for both Baldur’s Gate and the Council of Waterdeep.

The airship is a modified caravel sailing ship that was commissioned in secret by Rath Modar from the Archmages of Halruaa. The configuration is a 3 decked caravel sailing vessel with two main square rigged sails and a smaller mizzenmast in the stern. The ship requires a crew of 5 at minimum to control the sails and rigging for air propulsion, as the airship is at the mercy of favorable winds to sail the sky. The ship has a low keel and a shallow draft, which allow it to land on relatively flat surfaces temporarily, though it is recommended to land the vessel on a body of water to avoid damaging the hull.

Below decks, lining the entirety of the ship’s hold, are rune-inscribed, magically enchanted 1" mithral plates; which give the airship its magical buoyancy, and which power the vessel to levitate, (a modified Halruaan Levitation spell).

Of recent, the airship was further reconfigured by the Company to place the pilot’s wheel and Control Rod mechanism in the forward main deck, which also offers a more protected cockpit for the helmsman to pilot the airship. Additionally, two retractable side sails, (or dragon wings) taken from the white dragon Glazhael the Cloudchaser. The ‘dragon wings’ aid in adding propulsion and maneuverability.

The ship has a figurehead of Azuth, god of Wizards and servant of Mystra.

Skyship Specs:
AC: 13
HP: 300
Damage Threshold: 10

Air speed: 2-3 mph (with favorable strong winds)
Sailing speed: 1 mph
Crew: 5 minimum
Passengers: 10, (can be modified to carry an additional 5)
Cargo: 5 tons

Crew Notes:
Helmsman-Pilot: Kenebti, (attuned to the Control Rod device)
Carpenters: Grim & his son Darvin
Blacksmith: Stor
Tanners, (leatherworkers): Nevrin & Tiebro of Turmish

Cargo Notes:
Cold weather gear & snow shoes for 12

The Farseer of Illusk, (a magical telescope; works as per Arcane Eye spell, allowing for normal and darkvision, up to a range of 10 miles)

Azuth's Chariot, a Halruuan Skyship

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