Adventuring Company of the Twin Foxes

Tyranny of the Dragon Queen, part I, episode 2

Dungeon Master Session recap

1479 Dale Reckoning, the Year of the Ageless One, month of Ches 22, mid morning.

Nearly a century into the future…

The Band encamp to rest and heal, and are again betrayed by the Lady of the Crescent blade, who reveals her true loyalties and attempts to escape. She reveals little regarding the involvement of the Mind Flayer and the unleashing of the Netheril scroll, but admits that the Cult of the Dragon will be triumphant in their “mission.”

The Band travels by foot for approximately 8 days to arrive at the City of Elturel, while communicating daily with Duchess Jannath by means of the sending stones.

Ches 30, highsun.
The Band arrives at Elturel, crossing the river Chionthar to the city proper, and are escorted by a squire to the inn A Pair of Black Antlers, where the paladin of Torm, Onthar Frume, debriefs and informs them of the changes that have transpired in the Realms for the past century, as well as the new alliance between the Order of the Gauntlet, (whom he represents) and the Lords Alliance. He informs the band that Duchess Jannath has requested they aid Elturel in a mission to infiltrate an Iron Throne caravan traveling north to Waterdeep that leaves Balder’s Gate in a ten-day; they are to pose as caravan guards and obtain as much intelligence as possible, namely: why has the Cult of the Dragon been gathering a vast hoard of treasure for the past century, and where is it being safeguarded. Paladin Frume outfits the party, providing horses, travel and adventuring gear, arms and armor, as well as arranging for a riverboat to take them to Balder’s Gate.

As final payment and reward he presents them with a large, uncut ruby valued at 9,000 gold pieces, (known as the Heart of Murilantilathenes) to be awarded upon successfully completing their mission.

Tarsakh 2, thulsun (early afternoon)
On the second day of their journey east to Baldur’s Gate, the Band is attacked by an adult black dragon, who sinks the river boat and kills all but one of the crew. The dragon appears intent on reclaiming the dragon eggs, but is swiftly defeated and killed by the Band.

Tarsakh 4, harbright (early morning)
The Band secretly arrives in Baldur’s Gate, and meet with Grand Duchess Jannath at her manor in the Upper City.


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