Adventuring Company of the Twin Foxes

Tyranny of the Dragon Queen, part I, episode 1

Dungeon Master Session recap

21 Ches, Dusk.

The Band of the Twin foxes investigates the caves that the Cult of the Dragon has used as a temporary treasury, and hatchery for dragon eggs. They confront Langdedrosa Cyanwrath, the blue scaled half-dragon warrior, and the kobold servitors of the cult. Upon defeating and subduing the dragon warrior, (and a short rest) the party send Sir Darian and Nazene with their captive to a hidden area in the mercenary camp outside. The rest continue to investigate the caves, searching for the missing sage Lesoin Earlanthar of Candlekeep..

After a series of confrontations against flocks of stirges, kobolds, and drake lizards, the adventurer’s discover a shrine to the dragon goddess Tiamat. As they inspect this sacred chamber, a mind flayer revealing itself from a spell of invisibility, as well as a a mentally dominated Frulam Mondath, attempt to ambush the party. Mondath demands the Crescent Blade of Tchazzar returned, then attacks Zolis. The Illithid then casts an ancient Netherese spell locked in an ancient scroll, which traps everyone in a spell of time-stop, sealing the Band and their enemies for nearly a hundred years; trapping them in the effects of a chronomancy spell. After the effects of the spell wear off the party defeat and behead the Mind Flayer, discovering several items of magic on him, (potions).


Soon after this encounter, the dragon warrior Langdedrosa appears near the entrance to the hatchery, (and who somehow escaped Nazene and Darian with the aid of the Illithid and Frulam). Langdedrosa issues a challenge, which is answered by Torgn Amberfief, who soundly defeats him in single combat. The party continue their exploration of the caves, and rescue the sage Leosin of Candlekeep, who has been tortured and bound to a stalagmite in the dragon hatchery, (along with 3 dragon eggs that are soon to hatch, a blue, black and bronze egg).

Letters and missives containing clues to the Cult’s activities, are found in one of the chambers, pointing to a secret castle in the north, where the cult has been gathering followers and a vast hoard of treasure. Also among the letters are communiques between senior operatives of the Iron Throne and Cult of the Dragon. Among these letters are outlines and plans by the Iron Throne to destabilize weapons trade in the Heartlands, assassination orders against the Council of Four, and plans to liquidate investments to transfer wealth to the Cult of the Dragon. The party collects these as evidence of the Iron Throne/Cult of the Dragon alliance.


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