Adventuring Company of the Twin Foxes

Rise of Tiamat: the Fury of Arauthator & the Council of Dragons

Dungeon Master Session log

The adventuring company of heroes battles and defeats the ancient white dragon Arauthator; saving the tiefling wizard and promptly teleporting back aboard their skyship after a couple of hours of looting the dragon’s hoard. They deliver the Tiefling wizard, Maccath the Crimson to Waterdeep, where she soon arranges travel north to her home city of Luskan and her wizards guild the Arcane Brotherhood.

Maccath thanks them and offers them any future aid in things arcane or draconic for aiding her in returning the stolen scrolls and spell books to her brethren.

7th Day of Eleint

Nearly a month after undertaking their quest the company returns to Waterdeep; soon ushered to Piergeiron’s Palace to meet with the Open Lord of Waterdeep and their patron Duke Ravengard. They are debriefed and informed they can rest and recover; they are given their usual comfortable rooms with servants to attend them.

The following morning they receive an invitation from a Waterdhavian noble, a Lady Silmerhelve, who wishes to honor the adventuring company with a banquet in honor to the service they have given to the Lords Alliance.

There they are introduced to Nymmurh, who in truth is a Bronze dragon masquerading as a young half-elven female. She tells them that the Council of Dragons has been called and they are asked to attend as representatives of the mortal races of the Realms.

17 Eleint
The heroes arrive at a mist shrouded mountaintop in the eastern peaks of the Nether Mountains. They are escorted by the Bronze Dragon Nymmurh, who shape changes back to his draconic form to guide the sky ship through the mist-shourded peaks, arriving at a peak where 4 humanoid beings greet them.


They make a compact with the ancient Metallic dragons; in exchange for their aid, the Council requests that all the treasure amassed for the Dragon Queen’s tribute be returned to the people it was stolen from; additionally, the Council informs the Adventuring Company of the location where the secret name of Tiamat is guarded, and direct them to the Maze Tower of the great Netherese Wizard Xonthal the Planeswalker.

The Company agrees after a brief deliberation and begin their journey to the Tower of Xonthal at the foothills of the Sunset Mountains, a five day journey by skyship.


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