Adventuring Company of the Twin Foxes

Tyranny of the Dragon Queen, part I, episode 3

Dungeon Master Session recap

Tarsakh 2, harbright, (early morning)
The adventurers are in Baldur’s Gate, and after adjusting to the changes of the past century, decide upon doing some trade in the Lower City. They are directed to the Counting House, the primary location in the city for the exchange of currency and valuation of gems, jewelry and trade. Its proprietor, a stern and aloof dwarf name Rakath Glitterbeard, serves as honest tradesman for the Council’s Eminent Fellowship of Financiers. The dwarf then directs them to Sorcerous Sundries, across the city, to trade and deal in magic, and to sell the scavenged parts of a black dragon.

Elsun (late morning)
After concluding their business with the exiled Halruaan mage-merchant Rivalen Blackhand, the party heads to the manor of Grand Duchess Janath in the Upper City, who sets upon ensuring that the adventurers are the ‘real deal’. She debriefs them of their mission to the Greenfields, (over a century ago) and requests their aid in infiltrating an Iron Throne caravan to leave in a tenday, and offers to adopt Nazene as her ward, as well as offering as restitution to cover the expenses to repair and guard the Cliffside Fortress. The party is provided accommodations at the Helm & Cloack, before setting off to their fortress in the early dawn.

Tarsakh 3, highsun, (noontide)
The adventurers arrive at the Cliffside Fortress, decide to infiltrate through the entrance in the sea caves below, and by tharsun, (late afternoon) have taken control of their fortress and defeated and killed the bandits serving the Iron Throne. They discover the bones of the Mithral Fangs, and Donna’s journal.

Tarsakh 11, thulsun, (early afternoon)
The adventurers return to Baldur’s Gate, where they are hosted by the Duchess and re-acquainted with Ulder Ravenguard, now a Marshall of the Flaming Fist, as well as the Patriar Coran, a gold elf and former adventurer, now a distinguished Patriar. Nazarene is made an adopted member of the Jannath family, and a new Adventuring Company Charter is sealed and attested by Sable, a herald. The party renames itself ‘The Sable Shields Adventuring Company.’ The new adventuring company is to act as the secret agents of the Council of Four, and to represent the special interests of these 3 factions, (Lords Alliance, Order of the Gauntlet, Harpers). As a passing gesture, the party entrusts the dragon eggs (2 black and one bronze) with the Grand Duchess.


The party is further debriefed by Leosin Earlanthar of Candlekeep, the half-elf scholar and Harper agent, who provides instructions from the allied factions of the Lords Alliance, (the Masked Lords of Waterdeep, Grand Duchess Jannath and Ravenguard, representing the Council of Four) the Order of the Gauntlet, (the paladin Ontharr Frume of Elturel) and the Harpers, (Leosin of Candlekeep). They are to infiltrate one of the Iron Throne caravans journeying north, discover what the Cult of the Dragon is moving, where these goods are heading, and for what purpose, then report back to their agents in Baldur’s Gate.


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