Adventuring Company of the Twin Foxes

Tyranny of the Dragon Queen, part I, episode 4

Dungeon Master Session recap

Tarsakh 12 through Kythorn 24

After months of travel and minor misadventures through the inhospitable lands of the Sword Coast, the adventuring company is now joined by two new adventurers, sent to aid them in their quest by the Council of Four and their allies.


They rescue the new members, a female water Genasi and a half-elven paladin of Lathander, both left for dead by assassins of the Shadow Thieves, (these were the self-same assassins whom the party had killed a few ten-days prior at a wayside inn near the Fields of the Dead). They uncover a contract to assassinate Grand Duchess Liia Jannath of the Council of Four.


The adventurers soon discover that a female gnome, going by the name of Jemna Gleamsilver, (serving a mysterious and secretive group) has been assassinating various guards of the Iron Throne and Cult of the Dragon. Along the journey, the gnome spy poisons the adventurers, promising on delivering an antidote once they have uncovered the contents of the four massive wagons belonging to the Cult of the Dragon, (variously loaded with chests filled with trade-bars, silver and gold, jewels and semiprecious gems; one wagon in particular, the most heavily fortified, containing a lead-lined-sealed coffin with protective sigils).

Having made the difficult decision to ‘dispatch’ of the gnome spy in order to protect their cover, the adventurers successfully insinuate themselves to gain the trust of the Cult of the Dragon and the Iron Throne.


Dawning on the first snow melts of the coming spring, (the month of Kythorn or The Time of Flowers) the adventurers have arrived at the great metropolis of Waterdeep, the City of Splendors. The adventurers are then given special orders by the (poorly disguised) Red Wizard to serve as bodyguards to a special envoy that seeks to make contact with someone in the City of Splendors. After they complete this task they are to rejoin the Iron Throne caravan at a small roadhouse on the Trade Way road to Neverwinter, (Carnath Roadhouse) about a days ride north of Waterdeep.


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