Adventuring Company of the Twin Foxes

Rise of Tiamat: The Second Council of Waterdeep

Dungeon Master Session log

The Company arrives by means of Eldon’s Teleportation Circle to the enclosed courtyard of Blackstaff Tower in the Castle District of Waterdeep. Soon after discovering its host, the acting Blackstaff Vajra, they are given leave to use the Harper network to arrive at this location as a favor the the Lords of Waterdeep.

The Company make their way through the bustling and crowded streets of the Castle District to Piergeiron’s Palace, the public hall of the Lords of Waterdeep and the location of the Council of Waterdeep. They are given sumptuous private quarters and debriefed of the events of the previous ten-day by Laeral Silverhand, Open Lord of Waterdeep.

8 Elesias, Harbright, (early morning)
After much needed rest, Eldon and Shin teleport to the skyship docked for repairs in Daggerford, where they touch base with the crew and pilot Kenebti, and cover the costs of repairs suffered from the attack of Glazhael the Cloudchaser.

Kenebti informs Eldon that some modifications have been made to the skyship, moving the helm and ships wheel to the new ‘cockpit’ cabin in the stern. Additionally, she has had the carpenters craft two retractable side sails in the shape of dragon wings to aid the skyship in maneuverability.

Eldon and Shin Mourningleaf prepare to leave to the Misty Forest; Shin changes shape to that of a giant eagle, and both elf and gnome fly to the Misty Forest. They soon discover that Chuth the ancient green dragon and his master Neronvain, the Green Wyrmspeaker, have launched an aerial attack of King Melendrach’s realm, slaying many of the Wood elves that call it home.

Returning to Daggerford, Eldon reports and then teleport back to Waterdeep.

9 of Elesias
The Company travel to Daggerford via Teleportation Circle to rejoin their skyship and crew, and travel to salvage the remains of the white dragon Glazhael, obtaining dragon hide scales, talons and fangs, and the leathery wing membranes that Kenebti uses to craft into sails for the skyship. While the skyship flies to Waterdeep; Eldon and the Company teleport to arrive on time for the Council gathering.

10 Elesias, Harbright, (early morning)
The Second Council of Waterdeep reconvenes. In attendance are Grand Duke Ravenguard of Baldur’s Gate, Laeral Silverhand, Open Lord of Waterdeep, Dagult Neverember, Lord Protector of Neverwinter, Taern Hornblade, Archmage of Silverymoon, and the Company’s friend, Onthar Frume, paladin of Torm representing Elturguard. The council deliberates, sending the Company north to find and return with the Tiefling wizard Maccath the Crimson, an expert on Dragonlore and the only living person that knows all the secrets of the Draakhorn; which was recently blown a ten-day prior. They are sent to the Sea of Moving Ice, to a lone island known as Oyaviggaton.

While deliberating, the crew make modifications to install a forge aboard their skyship; Kenebti begins to craft the dragon leather to form sails that can retract from the port and starboard sections of the skyship.

The journey is to take them about 13 to 14 days with good Summer weather.


23 Elesias, Elsun, (or late morning)
Among hundreds of icebergs and floating ice they soon locate the island of Oyaviggaton, using the Farseer of Illusk, a powerful spyglass that the Company has installed on the new pilot cockpit of the skyship. Fortunately for the Company and crew, it is the Summer season, and visibility is ideal and no storms threaten the ship. They make contact with the native ice hunters, and soon face a confrontation as each selects a champion to negotiate; the challenge does not go as planned but results in Zolis using his bardic magic to charm the ice hunters, which results in being given full access to the Tiefling wizard, which the ice hunters have kept prisoner in the tunnels below.

Hours later…
The Company is taken by Orcaheart, tribal shaman, to the tunnels below where Maccath the Crimson is held prisoner. Soon they meet the Tiefling wizard, who regales them with stories of her research, and proposes to lead them to the Draakhorn in the lair of the white dragon below. She serves as guide and saves the company much time in investigating the labyrinthine tunnels. As they arrive at the ice lake below, they soon are confronted with the ancient Arauthator…



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