Adventuring Company of the Twin Foxes

Envoys & Spies, A prelude to the Tyranny of the Dragon Queen

Dungeon Master's session recap

The Year of Lightning Storms, 1374 Dale Reckoning

The Claw of Sunsets

A year has passed, the Band have established their new fortress just half a day’s ride from Baldur’s Gate along the north cliffs overlooking the Chionthar river. A summon’s arrives from Dabron Sashenstar for the adventuring company to return to the city. Just two days prior, the Council of Four makes a public declaration to oppose and break the Iron Throne, chaos errupts as many patriar families, who’s fortunes are tied to the Iron Throne, begin to foment discord among the merchant classes. The price of weapons and iron triples overnight.

Ches 4, Highsun (noonday)
Baldur’s Gate
Arriving at Baldur’s Gate, (it is a half-days ride from the Cliffside Fortress) they adventurer’s are informed through Baldur’s Mouth, (news criers who make public announcements througout the city) that the Grand Dukes have declared the breaking of the Iron Throne, and that Dabron Sashenstar will lead the charge to stop their tyranny and monopoly of iron and arms trade.

The party meets at Sashenstar’s estate, a well maintained, fortified manor, heavily guarded due to the news. They are joined by Duchess Liia Jannath, who reports several assassination attempts have been made upon her over the last 2 days. They are introduced to Govenor Tarbaw Nighthill, of Greenest. He relates his story, how his rich farming town was sacked and pillaged by Iron Throne mercenaries, and how they were aided by a blue dragon that nearly leveled his keep.


The party is asked to gather intelligence, and spy on the mercenary encampment that has been wintering in the hill regions north of the Cloudpeak mountains bordering Amn. They are to also find what happened to the famed dragon scholar Leosin Erlanthar of Candlekeep, who went missing after the attack on Greenest, if possible extract him.

Ches 14

The party travel east along the Chiontar river to Elturel, the famed city of the Hellriders. A tenday later they disembark and quarter for the night. Sir Darian meets with a prominent member of the Order of the Gauntlet, Onthar Frume, paladin of Torm, who tells him of a scholar they’ve been searching for, and gives Darian clues to a lost Holy Avenger blade stolen by the Iron Throne.

Ches 20
Greenest in the Greenfields

Six days of hard riding the party see the devastation of Greenest, the keep, nearly destroyed from the lightning breath weapon of the young blue dragon, the homes, mostly intact, are vacant and a few villages intrepid enough to move back into their homes, point to treasure loaded wagons that went south, taking along prisoners as slaves. They discover hidden by melting snows the body of a man in dragon armor, who appears to have been assassinated, hidden under his armor is a secret message from the Harpers.

A day later, the party find fresh tracks to a vanguard of troops, after a heated melee with the mercenaries, Torgn discovers a slaver he knew from his past, Frulam Mondath, the Lady of the Crescent blade. After defeating her men, the party interrogate her, she reveals details of the encampment, and asks Torgn to seek revenge. Torgn claims the exotic looking halberd she calls ‘the Crescent Blade of Tchazzar.’

Sending Nazene to scout ahead, the party find that the encampment only has a small contigent of approximately two dozen guards, led by a ‘dragon-man warrior with blue scales’, and that the treasure wagons have headed north along the Uldoon trail to Beregost, (over a two tendays ago). The camp is guarded by foresters who hunt and gather game to feed somethign inside the caves. The scholar, they discover from the Lady of the Cresent blade, was tortured for 3 days, but did not break, he was then moved inside the caves to be fed to dragon hatchlings. Frulam also tells the party that Torgn’s daughter is alive, has a rare talent for ‘the Art’, and now serves as the apprentice to the renegade Red Wizard Rath Modar

Upon entering the caves the party is beset by draconian drakes, who visciously guard the caves, and are confronted by the half-dragon Langdedrosa Cyanwrath, commander of the hatchery, defeating and capturing the strange dragon warrior.


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