Twin Foxes Adventuring Company


The Twin Foxes Adventuring Company was originally created by a joint agreement between the Flaming Fist Mercenary Company and a secret member of the Council of Four of Baldur’s Gate, (revealed to be Grand Duchess Liia Jannath). The adventurers were recruited by the Flaming Fist to serve on adventuring missions for the Grand Dukes of Baldur’s Gate. They were officially and publicly chartered over a century ago by secret order of the Council of Four. The heraldry was commissioned by the High Heralds of the Realms. The Twin Foxes take for their official heraldry a pair of twin foxes, addorsed and sejant erect on a sable field.

While on special or secret assignments, the company operates under the special code name Sable Shields Company, (the addorsed foxes emblem is removed) so as to protect any official connection to the Grand Dukes of Baldur’s Gate.


The Twin Foxes operates from a heavily fortified cliffside fortress about half a days ride from Baldur’s Gate. The fortress has two towers, and is well defended by being built on a promontory of rock away from a steep cliff. The fortress can only be reached by a well guarded tunnel. This tunnel also guards a subterranean sea cave that was used by pirates and smugglers over 200 years ago. While on missions for the Council of Four, or on the pursuits of adventuring, the fortress is guarded by the Mithral Fangs, a cadre of loyal mercenaries that serve the adventuring company.

While the adventuring company is away on missions, Seong is in command of the fortress and its henchmen.

Current Members of the Company

Zolis, a Bard & Sailor from Luskan
Eldon Turen, a Gnome Wizard
Urerk, a Half-Orc Warrior-Warlock from the North
Roland of Waterdeep, a Chondathan human & Thief from the City of Splendors
Sorod, a Half-Orc Warrior serving the Court of Daggerford in service to the Lords Alliance
Shin Mourningleaf, a Wood Elf of the Misty Forest

The Henchmen
The Mithral Fangs mercenary company, composed of seasoned fighters serving the adventuring company.

Twin Foxes Adventuring Company

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