Adventuring Company of the Twin Foxes

The Maze Tower of Xonthal
Dungeon Master Session Log

22 Eleint, Mid morning

The airship Azuth’s Chariot lands about 1 hour south of the Maze tower, on the southern foothills of the Greaypeak Mountains, near the Marsh of Chelimber, 5 days east of Waterdeep. The Company trek to the maze and enter it, arriving at a junction of ivy covered hedges that diverges into the 8 Cardinal Points; in the center, a 10 ft metal sundial sits on a stone pedestal, on the horizon the tower looms, a squat 4 sided tower of approximately 6 or 8 floors.


The Company follow signs of the sundial that points to various directions into the Maze; each takes the adventurers into a hedge enclosed area. Upon first arriving the party discover the dead bodies of 7 Cultists of the Dragon, one carries a hand written note in common indicating he tried to abandon the cult and hints that the Blue Dragon Mask may be found inside the Tower. The Sundial points South and the party begins its quest:

  • An ancient aberration known as an Aboleth that inflicts a terrible disease on Roland, (a Garnet stone)
  • A maze guarded by a pair of metal-armored Gorgons, one which petrifies the Druid-Monk Shin; (who transforms himself into a large Brown Bear to battle the Gorgon, now weighing 2.5 tons) he is left until a plan can be devised to break the petrification, (a Diamond gem)
  • A mystical Genie that manages to poison the adventurers and nearly succeeds in Plane Shifting the bard Zolis to the Elemental Plan of Fire (a Jade Stone)

By nightfall the party return to the Sundial junction, and decide upon taking a long rest; one more challenge awaits them, and now the Sundial points to itself…

Treasure gained:
6 Potions of Healing,
1 Potion of Growth,
1 Potion of Fire Breath,
a Wand of Fear (with 3 remaining charges)
3 Daggers +1
a Driftglobe
an Elemental Gem (clear sapphire/air elemental)

Experience Earned (each):
3, 450 XP

Rise of Tiamat: the Fury of Arauthator & the Council of Dragons
Dungeon Master Session log

The adventuring company of heroes battles and defeats the ancient white dragon Arauthator; saving the tiefling wizard and promptly teleporting back aboard their skyship after a couple of hours of looting the dragon’s hoard. They deliver the Tiefling wizard, Maccath the Crimson to Waterdeep, where she soon arranges travel north to her home city of Luskan and her wizards guild the Arcane Brotherhood.

Maccath thanks them and offers them any future aid in things arcane or draconic for aiding her in returning the stolen scrolls and spell books to her brethren.

7th Day of Eleint

Nearly a month after undertaking their quest the company returns to Waterdeep; soon ushered to Piergeiron’s Palace to meet with the Open Lord of Waterdeep and their patron Duke Ravengard. They are debriefed and informed they can rest and recover; they are given their usual comfortable rooms with servants to attend them.

The following morning they receive an invitation from a Waterdhavian noble, a Lady Silmerhelve, who wishes to honor the adventuring company with a banquet in honor to the service they have given to the Lords Alliance.

There they are introduced to Nymmurh, who in truth is a Bronze dragon masquerading as a young half-elven female. She tells them that the Council of Dragons has been called and they are asked to attend as representatives of the mortal races of the Realms.

17 Eleint
The heroes arrive at a mist shrouded mountaintop in the eastern peaks of the Nether Mountains. They are escorted by the Bronze Dragon Nymmurh, who shape changes back to his draconic form to guide the sky ship through the mist-shourded peaks, arriving at a peak where 4 humanoid beings greet them.


They make a compact with the ancient Metallic dragons; in exchange for their aid, the Council requests that all the treasure amassed for the Dragon Queen’s tribute be returned to the people it was stolen from; additionally, the Council informs the Adventuring Company of the location where the secret name of Tiamat is guarded, and direct them to the Maze Tower of the great Netherese Wizard Xonthal the Planeswalker.

The Company agrees after a brief deliberation and begin their journey to the Tower of Xonthal at the foothills of the Sunset Mountains, a five day journey by skyship.

Astrolabe of Xonthal
A Major Artifact from the Age of Netheril


This large and cumbersome apparatus is covered with an assortment of levers, knobs, and buttons, looking remarkably like a cross between a printing press and a giant globe of inter-connecting circles. The artifact is constructed of ancient metals, (mithral, adamantine, bronze, copper, brass) standing approximately 7 feet in height and the same in with/circumference, weighing one quarter of a ton. With it, a character can transport an entire structure, such as a vehicle or a small tower, anywhere on the known Multiverse in a great display of Plane Shift. As its name implies, the Astrolabe of Xonthal was crafted by the most powerful of wizards from the Age of Netheril, and safely stored in the treasure vaults of the Archmage and creator Xonthal in his Maze Tower.

A similar artifact, the Astrolabe of Nimbral, (which was destroyed accidentally by a Halruuan Wizard during the Time of Troubles) was built by Archmages of Nimbral using similar magical blueprints. The main difference between the two is that while one allows for magical teleportation only within the terrestrial plane of Toril, the Xonthal Astrolabe allows for the full effects of a Plane Shift (as per the 7th level Wizard spell of Conjuration) to transport all occupants to any known Plane of Existence, (wherever the Astrolabe is installed).

The Astrolabe of Xonthal allows one who is skilled in its use, (requires a successful Arcana check) to plane shift an object of up to twenty 10-foot cubes in size, as well as everything contained inside that object, anywhere on any of the known Planes of Existence. To properly understand and control the Astrolabe, the user must spend an action to make a DC 30 Arcana/Intelligence check. Failure by 4 or less indicates the destination is off by 5d10×10 miles; failure by 5 or more means the destination is randomly determined.

Objects moved from one location to another are subject to changes in slope, altitude, and stability in the foundation. Thus, it is considered wise to be aloft (such as in a skyship) before operating the Astrolabe.

Rise of Tiamat: The Second Council of Waterdeep
Dungeon Master Session log

The Company arrives by means of Eldon’s Teleportation Circle to the enclosed courtyard of Blackstaff Tower in the Castle District of Waterdeep. Soon after discovering its host, the acting Blackstaff Vajra, they are given leave to use the Harper network to arrive at this location as a favor the the Lords of Waterdeep.

The Company make their way through the bustling and crowded streets of the Castle District to Piergeiron’s Palace, the public hall of the Lords of Waterdeep and the location of the Council of Waterdeep. They are given sumptuous private quarters and debriefed of the events of the previous ten-day by Laeral Silverhand, Open Lord of Waterdeep.

8 Elesias, Harbright, (early morning)
After much needed rest, Eldon and Shin teleport to the skyship docked for repairs in Daggerford, where they touch base with the crew and pilot Kenebti, and cover the costs of repairs suffered from the attack of Glazhael the Cloudchaser.

Kenebti informs Eldon that some modifications have been made to the skyship, moving the helm and ships wheel to the new ‘cockpit’ cabin in the stern. Additionally, she has had the carpenters craft two retractable side sails in the shape of dragon wings to aid the skyship in maneuverability.

Eldon and Shin Mourningleaf prepare to leave to the Misty Forest; Shin changes shape to that of a giant eagle, and both elf and gnome fly to the Misty Forest. They soon discover that Chuth the ancient green dragon and his master Neronvain, the Green Wyrmspeaker, have launched an aerial attack of King Melendrach’s realm, slaying many of the Wood elves that call it home.

Returning to Daggerford, Eldon reports and then teleport back to Waterdeep.

9 of Elesias
The Company travel to Daggerford via Teleportation Circle to rejoin their skyship and crew, and travel to salvage the remains of the white dragon Glazhael, obtaining dragon hide scales, talons and fangs, and the leathery wing membranes that Kenebti uses to craft into sails for the skyship. While the skyship flies to Waterdeep; Eldon and the Company teleport to arrive on time for the Council gathering.

10 Elesias, Harbright, (early morning)
The Second Council of Waterdeep reconvenes. In attendance are Grand Duke Ravenguard of Baldur’s Gate, Laeral Silverhand, Open Lord of Waterdeep, Dagult Neverember, Lord Protector of Neverwinter, Taern Hornblade, Archmage of Silverymoon, and the Company’s friend, Onthar Frume, paladin of Torm representing Elturguard. The council deliberates, sending the Company north to find and return with the Tiefling wizard Maccath the Crimson, an expert on Dragonlore and the only living person that knows all the secrets of the Draakhorn; which was recently blown a ten-day prior. They are sent to the Sea of Moving Ice, to a lone island known as Oyaviggaton.

While deliberating, the crew make modifications to install a forge aboard their skyship; Kenebti begins to craft the dragon leather to form sails that can retract from the port and starboard sections of the skyship.

The journey is to take them about 13 to 14 days with good Summer weather.


23 Elesias, Elsun, (or late morning)
Among hundreds of icebergs and floating ice they soon locate the island of Oyaviggaton, using the Farseer of Illusk, a powerful spyglass that the Company has installed on the new pilot cockpit of the skyship. Fortunately for the Company and crew, it is the Summer season, and visibility is ideal and no storms threaten the ship. They make contact with the native ice hunters, and soon face a confrontation as each selects a champion to negotiate; the challenge does not go as planned but results in Zolis using his bardic magic to charm the ice hunters, which results in being given full access to the Tiefling wizard, which the ice hunters have kept prisoner in the tunnels below.

Hours later…
The Company is taken by Orcaheart, tribal shaman, to the tunnels below where Maccath the Crimson is held prisoner. Soon they meet the Tiefling wizard, who regales them with stories of her research, and proposes to lead them to the Draakhorn in the lair of the white dragon below. She serves as guide and saves the company much time in investigating the labyrinthine tunnels. As they arrive at the ice lake below, they soon are confronted with the ancient Arauthator…


Rise of the Dragon Queen, Episode 4: the Desolation of Neronvain
Dungeon Master Session log

7 Elesias
Highsun, (noontide)

The company enters the lair of the the Ancient green dragon and the apparent headquarters of the Wyrmspeaker Neronvain. They enlist the aid of a druid serving the Misty Forest, who goes by the name of Shin Mourningleaf, a Copper elf. They soon enter the lair before they are quickly confronted by a trio of Ettin guards, who are quickly dispatched by the adventurers.


They encounter a vast cavern with a deep pool, as well as the remains of elves that have been captured by Neronvain and tortured. Soon they confront the majestic and terrifying form of Chuth, who rises from the pool to attack, breathing noxious gas and then quickly submerging after a brief counter-attack from the adventurers. This attack and counter attack continues, as the party is worn down and soon have to seek escape into a nearby cave tunnel. The offensive is turned around as the half-orc warrior, Sorod, retreats with his unconscious companions and then after a brief respite, all return to confront the Wyrmspeaker Neronvain, who inspects the scene of battle. After a quick skirmish, Chuth and his master escape.

A Couple of hours later…
The adventurers continue to inspect the rest of the caverns and discover Neronvain’s private command post, and after dealing with poisoned traps, discover secret missives and intel belonging to the Cult of the Dragon. The private journals detail the ritual to summon Tiamat from Hell, and the names of important operatives of the new Cult of the Dragon in the Sword Coast. With this vital information, the heroes decide to teleport instantly to Waterdeep…


Rise of the Dragon Queen, Episode 3
Dungeon Master Session Log

Upon spotting the white dragon Glazhael the Cloudchaser the company begin to descend their Halruuan skyship; they enter a vicious melee with the dragon, soon defeating it…

Several days after entering the Misty Forest…

The adventurers arrive at the borders of the Misty Forest, only a couple of days east of Daggerford. King Melendrach and his guards escort the party into his kingdom, and direct them to the territory that the renegade elf Neronvain has established as his demesne.


As the adventurers travel into the mist-shourded forest that gives the land its name, the adventurers are attacked by misshapen and corrupted vegetation, (shambling mounds). Soon, however, the company arrives near a cave opening with a waterfall, and see first hand the depredations of the ancient green dragon Chuth the Poisonous. As they prepare their plan suddenly a mighty green dragon erupts from the small lake before the cave entrance…

Rise of the Dragon Queen, Episode 2
Dungeon Master's Session Log

30th day of Flamerule, early morning.

The adventurers rejoin in Dock Ward near the Ships Prow Inn, where they share the previous nights adventure and are troubled by the terrifying sound of the Draakhorn, the ancient artifact that is heralded to summon all the most powerful dragons of the realms for some unknown purpose. Upon waking all the members of the adventuring company find an uninvited guest in their rooms, a Devil by the name of Lord Volmer, who despite having the appearance of a rich Waterdhavian noble, still shows small horns and a prehensile tail which betray his true nature. He imparts on all the adventurers simultaneously a message from Zariel, the ruler of the First Layer of Hell where Tiamat was kept prisoner.

Highsun, (high noon)
The adventurers later escort Grand Duke Ulder Ravengard to Piergeiron’s Palace, in Castle Ward, which is the meeting place for the Council of Waterdeep. The adventurers each relate the events of the last six months, relating the alliances made with a Cloud giant, and the vanquishing of white dragon who’s hoard the party has claimed as their prize.

During the Council the adventurers are lauded for their bravery and heroism, and the paladin Onthar Frume, who is representing Elturel and the Order of the Gauntlet, gives the heroes a gift: the Heart of Imvaerharho, a large uncut ruby worth thousands of gold pieces.

The leader of the Council, Laeral Silverhand, who is the Open Lord of Watredeep, (and one of the famous Seven Sisters, immortal Chosen of the goddess Mystra) calls for the combined forces of the Lords Alliance, the Order of the Gauntlet, the Emerald Enclave and the Harpers to put aside their differences and defeat the Cult of the Dragon once and for all. Laeral then summons the Dragon Scholar of Candlekeep, Leosin Earlanthar to share his knowledge of the Draakhorn, Tiamat, the Five Dragon Masks, and Chromatic Dragons.

The Council proposes several courses of action for the adventuring company:

  • Pursue a mission to the North to seek the Tiefling Wizard of the Host Tower of the Arcana, Maccath the Crimson, who is an expert on the artifact known as the Draakhorn and who vanished several winters ago.
  • Pursue a mission to find the dwarf Wyrmspeaker Varram the White, who according to intelligence obtained by Lord Neverember has lost the White Dragon Mask.
  • Pursue a mission to aid King Melendrach to rid his realm of the ancient green dragon Chuth and the Cult of the Dragon leader Neronvain the Green Dragon Wyrmspeaker who possesses the Green Dragon Mask.

After a few hours of deliberation the adventurers and the Council decide to undertake a new mission: to aid King Melendrach of the the Copper Elves of the Misty Forest, who’s realm is besieged by the Ancient Green dragon Chuth, who’s moniker “the Emerald Assassin” is known through the Sword Coast. King Melendrach also reveals to the Council that the Green Dragon Wyrmspeaker, an elf by the name of Neronvain, is also in his realm. King Brawnanvil of Mithral Hall offers the heroes a few of his best adventurers to aid their mission. The heroes are also made offers of titles by Lord Dagult Neverember of Neverwinter.

Following the Council, Zolis is approached by a servant who delivers to him a small parchment, which is a message from a Harper agent in Waterdeep, to meet with him and the party at the Yawning Portal Inn by eventide. After the adventurers make necessary purchases for their adventure, (potions, gear). They visit Aurora’s Realms Shop and the tower of the Watchful Order of Magists & Protectors.

The Yawning Portal, Castle Ward, Eventide.
The adventurers meet with a Harper by the name of Remalia Haventree, or “Remi” as she prefers to be called. She informs the party of a noble lady of Waterdeep, Lady Dala Silmerhelve, who has befriended a Bronze dragon by the name of Nymurrh who shared that a gathering of powerful Metallic dragons is calling for its own council.

The adventurers return to the Ships Prow Inn, meet briefly with Grand Duke Ravengard, who informs the party he will remain in Waterdeep until the next council; he also urges the heroes to stay in communication if they do indeed acquire the Dragon Mask of the Green Wyrmspeaker Neronvain.

1st day of Elesias, harbright, (early morning)
The adventurers take their leave and sail out of Waterdeep harbor aboard the Halruaan sky ship Azuth’s Chariot (which appears to be just an ordinary seagoing Caravel ship). Soon upon leaving sight of land and the City of Splendors Kenebti uses the ship’s Control Rod to activate the sky ships flight, elevating the ship out of the water and using the Pouch of Winds to gain speed towards the Misty Forest in the South. While on their journey, they speak with King Melendrach who is awed by the Halruaan sky ships powerful magics.

2nd day of Elesias, elsun, (late morning)
The adventurers see sight of the fast realm of the Misty Forest when suddenly, far away in the Eastern horizon, they spot the large form of the White dragon Glazhael, who flies towards the flying vessel with considerable speed…

Rise of the Dragon Queen, Episode 1
Dungeon Master Session recap

23rd day of Flamerule

The adventurers remain on Skyreach Castle, (hidden behind clouds high above the town of Evereska) to rest for 2 days, granted hospitality by the Cloud Giant leader Blagothkus, who returns the skull of his beloved to her resting place in the central control tower of the upper keep. He briefly shares his views on dragons and their aeons old conflict with the giant races of Faerun.

Zolis and Aiden both decide to use their Sending Stones to report in, and receive instructions on the next step of their mission. Zolis is requested to return to Baldur’s Gate and to serve as diplomatic envoys to escort newly elected Grand Duke Ulder Ravengard to Waterdeep, which has summoned the members of the Lords Alliance, Order of the Gauntlet, and the Emerald Enclave to its first council.

The dwarven cleric of Clangeddin, Urist, tells the company that he wishes to remain with Blagothkus, and that the Cloud giant has agreed to transport him near Mirabar with his share of the dragon’s hoard. At this point Torgn informs that party he will be retiring from adventuring, now that he has achieved his mission of finding his daughter Sarah, he asks the party to take him to Baldur’s Gate, where he plans to become a private investigator for hire.

The adventurers take the Halruuan skyship west, and journey for 3 days gaining considerable wind-speed via use of the magical Pouch of the Winds. They decide to dock the skyship at the secret cave beneath the Cliffside Fortress, and to secure most of the treasure they gained from the white dragon Glazhael the Cloudchaser, which escaped and has not been seen. The Company elect for Seong, who had arrived a tenday before, to remain in command of the fortress and its mercenary henchmen.

Flamerule the 26th
Elsun, (or late morning)
The adventurers settle into the Cliffside Fortress, take account from their mercenary henchmen, the Mithral Fangs, which are paid from the vast treasure gained. They offer rumors of the assassination of Duchess Jannath, but otherswise report that things have been quiet since the Iron Throne and their Cult allies travelled East.

At this time Torgn and his daughter Sarah thank the heroes and inform them that he is retiring from adventuring life, and that he will settle in Baldur’s Gate with his share of the treasure. He also gifts his impressive suit of Adamantine armor to the paladin Aiden, who thanks him and has it customer fitted with his distinctive alters and citrine gemstones on its breastplate in the sunburst symbol of the Church of Lathander.

By evening the party are in Baldur’s Gate where they spend the night in a travelers Inn near Blackgate.

Flamerule 27th
The party head out to the Wide to make purchases. Before leaving Grand Duke Ravengard meets with the heroes and inducts the three new adventurers, Aiden, Kenebti and Roland, as official members of the Twin Foxes Adventuring Company. He also officially requests the party to escort him to Waterdeep. Soon after, the party head to the Wide to purchase gear and find an armorer and carpenter to serve as henchmen for their adventuring.

Flamerule 29th

After a magically enhanced 2 & half days of travel, the part arrives at Waterdeep. They land the ship on the Sea of Swords and sail into the harbor, soon they are docked and secure accommodations at the Ships Prow Inn. Eldon informs his companions that he wishes to visit the headquarters of the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors, of which he is a member, to study and gather/trade spells, and that he will rejoin in a day or two.

Grand Duke Ravengard gives the adventurers leave for some R&R and they soon split with Aiden and Zolis headed to the famous tavern Selune’s Smile while Rolly and Kenebti locate entry into Skullport, where things get interesting for both parties…

Flamerule 30th
early Dawn

The adventurers rejoin near the docks and both groups head to the Ships Prow to rest their hangovers and wounds. Soon though, all are awakened by the terrifying sound of a war horn that appears to be heard throughout the entire western realm of Faerun…

Tyranny of the Dragon Queen, Finale of Part I
Dungeon Master Session recap

Flamerule the 21st, harbright, (early morning)

The adventuring company returns to Skyreach castle, arriving four days later after obtaining the skull of Esclarotta, wife of the Cloud giant chief Blagothkus.

Upon landing they are informed via a Sending spell cast by Urist the Dwarf that Blagothkus has begun his attack against the Cult, his aim to regain control of the fortress and aid the heroes in their mission to assist him. After Kenebti, piloting the helm of the skyship, lands the vessel on the lower courtyard, the crew are soon confronted by the Red Wizard Rath Modar, who appeared to be getting ready to mount a wyvern.

After a pitched conflict, the adventurers are able to kill the red wizard.

The company then mount two of the wyverns and ascend to the upper courtyard, where Blagothkus, and his stone and hill giant warriors, has made their stand against the cultists. The adventurers soon find that the cloud giant and his allies have defeated and killed many of the cultists, (and thrown the remainder over the battlements to their deaths).

An hour later, after strategizing their next move, Blagothkus leads the adventurers to the caves beneath the fortress, where Glazhael, the Cloudchaser, an adult white dragon, lairs in guarding the massive hoard that has been looted by the cult and the Iron Throne.

Soon, the party enters the frozen, ice and mist laden lair of the white dragon…

The dragon launches a surprise assault, breathing its frozen attack upon Blagothkus, who choses to take point in leading the assault. Soon, the rest of the party joins, with the dragon slamming his tail to release shards of frozen stalagmites, (many with frozen corpses) that crash into the frozen ground. Seconds of combat ensue, with the Twin Foxes adventuring company managing to would the creature sufficiently that it seeks self-preservation.

After a concerted counter-attack the adventurer’s make a valiant effort to slay the white dragon, but it eludes them, using many of its lair tricks to escape through one of the larger tunnels beneath Skyreach Castle.

At last, the heroes have successfully gained control of the flying giant fortress, and a vast hoard of treasure meant as tribute to the Dragon Queen Tiamat…

Here ends the first part of the Tyranny of the Dragon Queen.

Tyranny of the Dragon Queen, Part I, episode 10
Dungeon Master Session recap

Flamerule 14, godswake (around 5am)

The company arrives at the village of Parnast, in the Greypeak Mountains. As they Halruuan sky ship approaches the mountain village the company detect a squadron of mounted wyverns on an intercept course. After a skirmish, the adventurers manage to defeat the dragonsoul cultists and unsaddle the Red Wizard Rath Modar after he attempts to escape with his rescued apprentice.

Harbright, (around 9am)
The company dock in Parnast at the bridge built by the villagers to load troops and treasure into Skyreach Castle; promptly finding their companions Urerk and Torgn, who is informed that his daughter is none other than the Red Wizard’s apprentice Thalas Ankh. Torgn informs the company that a new agent has joined the Twin Foxes Company, a representative, (and skilled thief) from the Lords of Waterdeep, who show interest in the success of the adventurer’s mission. The party take on provisions and supplies and within 4 hours take flight on a heading towards the Spine of the World Mountains, some 900 miles to the north…

Flamerule 17, noontide.
The adventurers arrive at Miklos Glacier, a valley of snow and ice atop a major range of mountains; promptly scouting from aboard their skyship with the aid of the Farseer of Illusk telescope that the adventurers looted from Castle Nearytar. They settle near the base of a massive ice cliff, using arcane magic, (and a mounted wyvern – Fluffy) to make an effective landing. As they approach the narrow entrance to a white dragon’s lair, they are ambushed by a Remorhaz, who is protecting a clutch of eggs in that area. The adventurers manage to slay the creature, steal its eggs, (12) and soon meet Dalo, a hermit who interrogates them on their purpose. He offers aid once the party informs them of their mission to defeat the Cult of the Dragon and bring stability to the glacier’s warring factions.

Dalo directs them to meet with the frost giant Jarl Brunvild, who is in possession of Esclarotta’s skull, after his giants entered Glazhael’s lair and discovered it abandoned; the skull unprotected.

About an hour later…
The skyship drops off the adventurer’s near the massive longhouse of the frost giants, along with 6 eggs and the decapitated head of the remorhaz mother, to serve as proof of their strength and prowess in battle. The frost giants receive the party, usher them to their Jarl, and they begin to negotiate possession of the cloud giant’s remains. The agree to drink the Spirit Mead, and walk into an ice storm to receive visions from the giant gods.

A vision presents twin baby foxes, one snow white, one jet black, who speak to the adventurer’s: seek the seven golden stags who guard the old hermit, he will lead them to the truth…

You soon find an old man, hunched over, surrounded by seven majestic stags with proud antlers of a golden sheen. Speaking to the old hermit, he prophecies, “She rises from Hell…” he tells you he is a prisoner of the Dragon Queen, they must plead before the Council of Dragons, and tell them “Bahamut is a prisoner of the Dragon Queen; grant welcome and aid to the good folk of the Realms, offer aid against the Cult of the Dragon and stop the escape of the Dragon Queen.” He then discorporated into wisps of falling snow…

The adventurers return to the frost giants and present the vision they have had; for braving the cold snows of the glacier, and daring to drink the Spirit Mead, King Brunvild hosts them a feast and grants them the skull of Esclarotta the Cloud giantess.


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