Adventuring Company of the Twin Foxes

Tyranny of the Dragon Queen, Part I, episode 9
Dungeon Master Session recap

Flamerule 13, Dusk.

The adventurer’s settle for the night above Skyreach Castle, observing how the cult is organized by the various colors of banners, red, blue, green, black and white. The human and demihuman cultists are mustered into the barracks, while hill giants unload wagons carrying provisions and large amounts of wealth. The adventurers also discover that everything on this castle is built on a large scale, ceilings over over 30’ in height and doors standing 20’ tall.

By night time, the party begin to explore the lower courtyard of the castle, taking advantage of the command banners they acquired at the mountain lodge a night before to explore undisturbed. They discover that the stables hold a couple of chained wyverns trained for riding, and are interrupted when a hill giant named Bifo urges them to return to the cult barracks.

After resolving a minor scuffle inside the cult barracks, Aiden and Zolis go outside, and soon spy upon a tall black-half dragon, wearing rich purple robes, who hurries across the lower courtyard. The half-dragon confronts the duo, and makes it clear that order and discipline are to be maintained. They soon discover based on the ornamentation embroidered in the half-dragon’s robes that this could be a Wyrmspeaker.

By midnight the party is summoned to meet with the leader of the giants of Skyreach castle. The hill giant Bifo leads them up a long flight of stairs to the upper courtyard, which the party note is patrolled regularly by mounted wyverns. They soon meet the imposing cloud giant Blagothkus, who leads them to a small but private chamber to talk. The plan he proposes is simple: gather and secure the remains of his beloved Esclarotta, (a skull kept by cultists in the mountains of the north). If successful, he offers to ally with the factions the party represent, and will either sabotage the castle so the hoard never reaches the Well of the Dragons, or command it to serve the enemies of the Cult. He also offers them the hoard above the sky castle if they defeat its guardian, the white dragon Glazhael the Cloudchaser, who lairs beneath.

Blagothkus also shares what he knows about the Well of the Dragons: an extinct volcano and a dragon’s graveyard that will serve as a portal to the Nine Hells, and that the Red Wizard allies of the cult will use a ritual to open this portal so that the Queen of Evil Dragons will enter incarnate into the Realms. He tells them he does not know the specifics of this ritual, but that the Red Wizard maybe one of its architects…

Flamerule 14, shortly after Midnight.

The party are led by Bifo the Hill Giant to the chambers used by the Red Wizard Rath Modar. They have a confrontation with his apprentice, a human female who goes by the name of Thalas Ankh, (but who is really the daughter of Torgn Amberfief).


After incapacitating the apprentice a wall of ice behind the chamber opens to night sky, and Rath Modar begins to unleash his magic upon the party. A few rounds later, after the concerted efforts of the adventurers—as the Wizard falls—he vanishes after triggering a mystical contingency. The party are left to tend to the defeated apprentice, and soon begin to explore the Red Wizards sanctum. On the platform outside Kennebti and Aiden discover a magical sky ship, tethered and moored. Using his divination magic the gnome wizard Eldon discerns that the magical rod taken from Thalas is the control rod of the sky ship; they further explore the sanctum as well as the sky ship, and collect as prize a book, a magical globe, the wizard’s staff and several magical potions, along with navigation instruments used by the Red Wizard. They also collect mundane correspondence and a book of apparent value titled, Beyond The Iron Gates, which appears to be written in an Infernal dialect.

About an hour later…


After a brief short rest, the party now make plans to confront the Wyrmspeaker Rezmir the Black in the chambers adjacent. After a brief skirmish in which Rezmir and her cultist lovers are caught unprepared, they manage to kill the Black Dragon Wyrmspeaker and take possession of her mighty greatsword, but not before she utters a magical phrase in Draconic; a locked chest at the foot of her bed vanishes…

After defeating the cult leaders, (and disposing their bodies by throwing them off the sky ship platform) the party ask Bifo to speak to Blagothkus, he hurries to fetch the cloud giant who meets with them. The party offer to take the wizard’s sky ship north, collect a couple of their company members in Parnast, and head north to the destination given by the giant leader. They intend to recover Esclarotta’s remains so that Blagothkus has his guarantee, then sabotage the cult’s plans (either crash or redirect Skyreach Castle). Blagothkus reminds the party that the white dragon lairs beneath, and offers to lend his aid in defeating it and giving its hoard to the party.


A few hours later…

The adventurer’s, now aboard the Halruuan skyship, navigate north to the village of Parnast in the Sunset Mountains. Kennebti attunes and activates the control rod on the ships helm/wheel, piloting the vessel, while Zolis, a trained Illuskan sailor, instructs his adventuring companions on basic sailing. They find in the captains cabin a small spyglass, some navigation charts and maps, and a couple of magical trinkets, a leather pouch and a silver bottle, which are identified magically by Eldon. Arriving near dawn, (about 3-4 hours later) they soon spy 4 mounted Wyverns on an intercept course with the vessel, riding one of the Wyverns is none other than Rath Modar…

Tyranny of the Dragon Queen, Part I, episode 8
Dungeon Master Session recap

The month of Flamerule, 11th day, nighttime

Over 600 miles east, atop the Greypeak Mountains…

The party of adventurers are magically teleported via a magical portal located in the dungeons beneath Castle Nearytar, (having discovered the magical phrase to activate the portal from the commander of the castle). They are welcomed by the strong winds and a forested mountain top hunting lodge, which appears abandoned.

The adventurers decide to test the magic phrase to teleport back, but realize that the magic pass-phrase only works one-way. They note that 3 other standing stone circles surround the lodge at the cardinal points, possibly leading to other remote locations. The night sky is only dimly illuminated by the waning crescent of Selune.

The party decide to set up a camp less than an hour from the lodge, setting up a standard watch, (long rest).

Flamerule 12, godswake, (pre-dawn)

The adventurers awaken before dawn and decide to reconnoiter and gather details on cult movements, but note that the lodge is only lightly garrisoned. Zolis the Bard takes point in scouting and reports some habitation, (chimney smoke and a couple of windows showing lamps lit on the inside, as well as the front door slightly ajar).

The party decide to explore further afield, and take a narrow road that snakes around the mountain passes behind the lodge, and traveling for half a day arrive at a small mountain top village that appears to be guarded by heavily armed Cult of the Dragon warriors.
The party decide to return to the lodge and explore it more extensively for clues…

Nightfall, (dusk)
The adventurers return to the lodge taking the mountain pass road and decide to rest further, (taking another long-rest) and set up near their last encampment.

Flamerule 13, godswake, (pre-dawn)
The party begin exploring the lodge, entering through the main entrance, seeing no guards or cultists. While exploring the environs of the hunting lodge the party discovery little cult or guard movements, but confront a guardian suit of enchanted armor and an enchanted tapestry that can transport any who touch it to the surrounding forests. After a quick return, (and a near disastrous confrontation with a four-armed troll guard) the party finish exploring the lodge, and successfully convince the kitchen staff and its dwarven cook, Craggnor, that they are recent recruits reporting in. The adventurers are led upstairs to meet the leader of the encampment, a half elven female named Talis the White.


The adventurers are able to negotiate a bargain with the half elf Dragonsoul, in exchange for killing a dwarf Wyrmspeaker named Varram the White, (bearer of the White Dragon Mask) they are given the cult pass-phrase and instructed on displaying the cult banners the party has found to allow them to enter Skyreach Castle. The party soon discern that Talis is fully aware of their status as adventurers, and not cult recruits. They all sign a parchment attesting to this contract.

By near late afternoon, the party are on their way to the mountain village of Parnast, and discovery a heavily armed Cult of the Dragon encampment, and a striking castle, of strange crystalline stone, that is near the summit, enshrouded in mist and clouds. They seek information from local villagers and are directed to the Golden Tankard for food, lodging and a place to sell their loot. They meet the tavern-keeper, a gruff human named Raggnar Redtooth, who arranges for a local dwarven trader, Malkorr, who offers the party a fair price for their treasure and pays in good gold coin.

Later that evening the party decide to enter the massive fortress, offer their pass-phrase, “Tiamat, our Mother and Strength” and show the colorful banners: white, red, blue, black and green. The heavily armed cult guards usher them to the lower courtyard, where the company observe much activity: scores of armed kobolds carrying crates and chests, and hill dwarves doing much of the heavy labor, carrying wagons into the castle proper. As they witness this activity, they hear the horn blast that marshals the remaining cult troops from the village, and soon, the adventurers begin to feel a queasy feeling, as the very flagstones of the castle seem to vibrate under their feet…


Tyranny of the Dragon Queen, Part I, episode 7
Dungeon Masters Session recap

Flamerule 11, the early hours of morning…

The adventurers take a brief respite to recoup. They continue to explore the dungeons beneath Castle Nearytar, discovering a chamber with a large inscribed magic circle that radiates conjuration magic.

The party continues exploring the damp and humid dungeons, discovering lairs of amphibious creatures: giant frogs, bullywugs, a grey ooze, and a ritual fertility pool used by the frog men for religious ceremonies.

Upon emerging and meeting up with Snapjaw, they are led to one of the lizard folk’s long hut, where the party takes a long rest and reporting to their allies via their magical Sending Stones. The party is then informed that Nazene has been summoned back to Baldur’s Gate due to continued assassination attempts against Grand Duchess Jannath.

Snapjaw returns, and informs the party that he has arranged to lead them into the castle to meet with his clan chiefs, who desire to meet the adventurers who defeated the Bullywugs and slew their leader Pharblex. They strategize with the help of the Lizardmen, to lead the party to the tower where the commander of the castle, who is called ‘Borngray’ makes his residence.

Using the cover of darkness, they enter the central octagonal tower, and soon come upon the chamber used by Borngray as his personal chambers, briefly inspecting the rooms they note a raven used to send messages to the black dragon Voaraghamanthar. Aiden, using his special talent to talk to animals, discerns the secret word that activates the magical conjuration circle beneath the castle, (“Draezir”). As they inspect the commander’s private rooms, they hear as Borngray descends and confronts the intruders, a gold elf wearing the livery of a Dragonfang. He briefly parlays with the party, mentioning the name of one of the Wyrmspeakers of the cult, Lady Rezmir the Black in who’s name he commands the castle. The dwarven cleric Urist casts silence, preventing the cult leader from issuing an alarm. After a few minutes the party has subdued the gold elf, who’s name is Dralmorrer Borngray, Dragonfang of the Cult of the Dragon, (he is bound and gagged and stuffed into his strongbox, Urist keeps the key to the strongbox).


The party ascends to the brass domed roof, to find a magical telescope aimed at the very lair of the great black dragon Voaraghamanthar, who receives offerings from the lizard folk tribes of the Mere of Dead Men. They soon are attacked by four animated gargoyles that guard the roof. After defeating the gargoyles, they manage to dismantle the magical telescope, which is known as the Farseer of Illusk, and secure it inside their Bag of Holding.

Kenebti, decides to write a brief missive, which she sends to the black dragon by means of the raven, (commanded by Aiden):


Your hoard is lacking. We now demand your Life to satisfy our needs."

She seals the letter with Borngray’s sigil.

Less than an hour later…
With the magical activating word, the party rush to the dungeons, activate the conjuration circle. The half-elven paladin of Lathander utters the magic word ‘Draezir’ and all within the circle are teleported halfway across the Realm to a mysterious lodge atop a vast range of snow peaked mountains…


Mission Debrief: The Ranks of the (New) Cult of the Dragon
Debriefing log

Through conversing, (and interrogating) the dragon cultists Roget of Amn and Pawlin of the Gates, (both who claim to be ‘Dragonclaws’) the Company of adventurers uncovers the new rank and file hierarchy of the reformed Cult of the Dragon, (from least to greatest):


Mercenary, (“thugs, mostly rank and file of the Iron Throne”)
Acolyte, (know little of the cult itself, do most of the menial work/chores)
Cultist, (initiated into the worship of the Dragon Queen, but mostly follow, not lead)

Dragonclaw, (“that’s us”, the bottom rung of the official warriors/thieves & assassins of the Cult)
Dragonfang, (Lieutenants, responsible for leading specific missions)
Dragonsoul, (Commanders in charge of specific war duties and regions)
Wyrmspeaker, (“the Wearer’s in Purple,” the top rung, “there are five of them, one for each of the evil dragons”)


Tzchazzar, the Dragon King, Avatar & Chosen of Tiamat, (“he returned from the ‘Outer Planes’ over a century ago, to claim his throne, and herald the return of his great goddess.”)

Tyranny of the Dragon Queen, Part I, episode 6
Dungeon Master Session recap

Flamerule 9, Midmorning.

After defeating the garrison forces of the Cult of the Dragon at Carnath Roadhouse, the adventurers search the compound for anything of use and value. They soon discovery from interrogating the pair of* Dragonclaw* cultists that the Red Wizard was questioning 3 prisoners who were kept in his study. The party then search and find a human male who was caught stealing, and 2 other adventurers, a Half-Orc named Urerk, and a Gold Dwarf named Urist Frosthammer from the dwarven Citadel of Felbarr.

At this point they question the prisoners and discover that Urerk and Urist have been led to journey here and to stop the predations of the Cult of the Dragon. They ask to join the adventurers, who allow them to join the Company of the Sable Shields provisionally if they prove their merit and worth.

The Company decides to split; Nazene, Eldon and Torgn leave to set up a nearby encampment with some of the captured horses of the Cult, and to communicate with the Grand Duchess via the sending stone, in order to give a report of their mission.

The party decides to take a long rest, and camp down till night time (8 hours rest).

Nightfall (Dusk).
The adventurers gather firewood and other combustibles and set Carnath Roadhouse on fire after disposing of the bodies of all the dead cultists. They leave via the secret tunnel below the warehouse, then take a boat into the swamps entering the Mere of Dead Men.


A few hours later, Night.
The Company navigate following the tracks of clawed humanoid feet, and discover as small abandoned camp with dugout canoes as well as sacks containing the gear belonging to Urerk and Urist. The party decide to take another long rest.

Flamerule 10, Dawn.
After waking, the party discover that 3 canoes are approaching and have a brief encounter with a gang of LIzardfolk warriors, capturing one they have gravely wounded. They interrogate the Lizardman, who speaks a dialect of Draconic, and who calls himself Snapjaw of the Scaly Death clan. Snapjaw negotiates and offers to lead the party inside Castle Nearytar in exchange, the adventurers promise to kill the leader of the ‘Frogmen’ (Bullywugs) who worships an elder god of slimes. Snapjaw’s clan, he tells them, worship the great Dragon god Voaraghamanthar the Black, delivering tribute every year on the Shieldmeet.


Snapjaw leads the party through the swamps in 3 canoes, and they have an encounter with a Shambling Mound who Snapjaw calls “the Weed that Walks.” The creature destroys one of the canoes, before the party collectively destroy it, proving that they can work as a team. A few hours later, (Thulsun or early afternoon) they arrive at the edges of the swamp where it meets drier land, they see in the horizon the walls of the castle of the Stargazers, with a prominent dome bearing a cylinder of bronze and glass that peers into the heavens. Snapjaw leads the party through the outer encampment, which is controlled by tribes of Bullywugs and Lizardfolk. He convinces the guard on duty that the adventurers are fresh recruits joining the Cult of the Dragon. They are led to the outer ward of the castle to wait for inspection the next morning.

The party takes a short rest and make note of the castle’s defenses.


Shortly after Midnight.
Snap jaw returns to the Outer Yard to lead the party to the dungeons beneath Castle Nearytar, which is where the Bullywug leader, calling himself Pharblex, worships his elder god. The party effectively dispatch a pair of lizardfolk warriors who serve the bullywugs, and soon they discovery a vast dungeon of natural and carved tunnels; they find evidence of cargo and large movements of treasure being transported. Soon the adventures come upon a religious ceremony, led by an obese bullywug wearing stained ceremonial robes, and worshiping the symbol of an eye chiseled into the walls. Their is a confrontation, and again through skilled teamwork, the party prevails and slay the bullywug leader, fulfilling the pact made with Snapjaw.


Tyranny of the Dragon Queen, Part I, episode 5
Dungeon Master Session recap

Kythorn, 25th day, dawn

Waterdeep, City of Splendors, Jewel of the North; has been the destination of the Iron Throne caravan for the last 60 days. The great metropolis does not disappoint, a vast walled city that caters to every want and whim. They also discover that the teamstress Werond Tororhar, is very much alive but worse for wear.

The party escorts two Dragonclaws, (a lower rank of the Cult) to deliver the package to the Cults agent in the city. After three days they soon discover that the package is the body of the female gnome Jemna Gleamsilver, who is an agent and assassin of the Zhentarim, known to many as the Black Network. The party follows these ‘agents’ to a well in one of the back alleys of the South Ward, where they negotiate for the exchange of information, (and Nazene discovers a revelation).

Kenebti, who recently joined the Twin Foxes, shares about her own connections to the Network and the Red Wizards and arranges for the body of the gnome to be delivered into their hands. With this knowledge, and after a few days of rest & relaxation, (and a bit of shopping), the adventurers journey north to Carnath Roadhouse. The adventurers have a clandestine meeting with Alaura Cartier, Dawnknight of the Order of the Aster, who reveals efforts of the Order of the Gauntlet and the Lords Alliance to stop the Cult of the Dragon. The paladin offers a gift to Aiden Oakenstar to better communicate with the Open Lord of Waterdeep, Laeral Silverhand.

Flamerule, 8th day, tharsun, (late afternoon)
Having encountered no difficulties on the High Road north, the party arrives at an old stone roadhouse. They soon settle in and discover that the Red Wizard Azbara Jos has used magic to ‘hasten’ the caravan’s arrival and maintain their deadline with the Cult of the Dragon. The wizard debriefs the Dragonclaw cultists and the adventurers are put to work unloading the wagons. Chests laden with vast amounts of treasure, are stored in the locked warehouse. At night, as the cult celebrates in the common rooms upstairs, the adventurer’s discover that a tribe of lizarfolk are moving the treasure underground and through the swamps to Castle Nearytar.

Flamerule, 9th day, harbright, (early morning)
The Cult gathers all the laborers and the adventurer’s in the courtyard. The cult attempts to exterminate the adventurers. However, the Dragonclaw Roget reveals too much with his ‘farewell’ speech. The party prevails and captures the very two Cultists from their holiday in Waterdeep: Roget of Amn and Pawlin of Baldur’s Gate.

Tyranny of the Dragon Queen, part I, episode 4
Dungeon Master Session recap

Tarsakh 12 through Kythorn 24

After months of travel and minor misadventures through the inhospitable lands of the Sword Coast, the adventuring company is now joined by two new adventurers, sent to aid them in their quest by the Council of Four and their allies.


They rescue the new members, a female water Genasi and a half-elven paladin of Lathander, both left for dead by assassins of the Shadow Thieves, (these were the self-same assassins whom the party had killed a few ten-days prior at a wayside inn near the Fields of the Dead). They uncover a contract to assassinate Grand Duchess Liia Jannath of the Council of Four.


The adventurers soon discover that a female gnome, going by the name of Jemna Gleamsilver, (serving a mysterious and secretive group) has been assassinating various guards of the Iron Throne and Cult of the Dragon. Along the journey, the gnome spy poisons the adventurers, promising on delivering an antidote once they have uncovered the contents of the four massive wagons belonging to the Cult of the Dragon, (variously loaded with chests filled with trade-bars, silver and gold, jewels and semiprecious gems; one wagon in particular, the most heavily fortified, containing a lead-lined-sealed coffin with protective sigils).

Having made the difficult decision to ‘dispatch’ of the gnome spy in order to protect their cover, the adventurers successfully insinuate themselves to gain the trust of the Cult of the Dragon and the Iron Throne.


Dawning on the first snow melts of the coming spring, (the month of Kythorn or The Time of Flowers) the adventurers have arrived at the great metropolis of Waterdeep, the City of Splendors. The adventurers are then given special orders by the (poorly disguised) Red Wizard to serve as bodyguards to a special envoy that seeks to make contact with someone in the City of Splendors. After they complete this task they are to rejoin the Iron Throne caravan at a small roadhouse on the Trade Way road to Neverwinter, (Carnath Roadhouse) about a days ride north of Waterdeep.

Tyranny of the Dragon Queen, part I, episode 3
Dungeon Master Session recap

Tarsakh 2, harbright, (early morning)
The adventurers are in Baldur’s Gate, and after adjusting to the changes of the past century, decide upon doing some trade in the Lower City. They are directed to the Counting House, the primary location in the city for the exchange of currency and valuation of gems, jewelry and trade. Its proprietor, a stern and aloof dwarf name Rakath Glitterbeard, serves as honest tradesman for the Council’s Eminent Fellowship of Financiers. The dwarf then directs them to Sorcerous Sundries, across the city, to trade and deal in magic, and to sell the scavenged parts of a black dragon.

Elsun (late morning)
After concluding their business with the exiled Halruaan mage-merchant Rivalen Blackhand, the party heads to the manor of Grand Duchess Janath in the Upper City, who sets upon ensuring that the adventurers are the ‘real deal’. She debriefs them of their mission to the Greenfields, (over a century ago) and requests their aid in infiltrating an Iron Throne caravan to leave in a tenday, and offers to adopt Nazene as her ward, as well as offering as restitution to cover the expenses to repair and guard the Cliffside Fortress. The party is provided accommodations at the Helm & Cloack, before setting off to their fortress in the early dawn.

Tarsakh 3, highsun, (noontide)
The adventurers arrive at the Cliffside Fortress, decide to infiltrate through the entrance in the sea caves below, and by tharsun, (late afternoon) have taken control of their fortress and defeated and killed the bandits serving the Iron Throne. They discover the bones of the Mithral Fangs, and Donna’s journal.

Tarsakh 11, thulsun, (early afternoon)
The adventurers return to Baldur’s Gate, where they are hosted by the Duchess and re-acquainted with Ulder Ravenguard, now a Marshall of the Flaming Fist, as well as the Patriar Coran, a gold elf and former adventurer, now a distinguished Patriar. Nazarene is made an adopted member of the Jannath family, and a new Adventuring Company Charter is sealed and attested by Sable, a herald. The party renames itself ‘The Sable Shields Adventuring Company.’ The new adventuring company is to act as the secret agents of the Council of Four, and to represent the special interests of these 3 factions, (Lords Alliance, Order of the Gauntlet, Harpers). As a passing gesture, the party entrusts the dragon eggs (2 black and one bronze) with the Grand Duchess.


The party is further debriefed by Leosin Earlanthar of Candlekeep, the half-elf scholar and Harper agent, who provides instructions from the allied factions of the Lords Alliance, (the Masked Lords of Waterdeep, Grand Duchess Jannath and Ravenguard, representing the Council of Four) the Order of the Gauntlet, (the paladin Ontharr Frume of Elturel) and the Harpers, (Leosin of Candlekeep). They are to infiltrate one of the Iron Throne caravans journeying north, discover what the Cult of the Dragon is moving, where these goods are heading, and for what purpose, then report back to their agents in Baldur’s Gate.

Tyranny of the Dragon Queen, part I, episode 2
Dungeon Master Session recap

1479 Dale Reckoning, the Year of the Ageless One, month of Ches 22, mid morning.

Nearly a century into the future…

The Band encamp to rest and heal, and are again betrayed by the Lady of the Crescent blade, who reveals her true loyalties and attempts to escape. She reveals little regarding the involvement of the Mind Flayer and the unleashing of the Netheril scroll, but admits that the Cult of the Dragon will be triumphant in their “mission.”

The Band travels by foot for approximately 8 days to arrive at the City of Elturel, while communicating daily with Duchess Jannath by means of the sending stones.

Ches 30, highsun.
The Band arrives at Elturel, crossing the river Chionthar to the city proper, and are escorted by a squire to the inn A Pair of Black Antlers, where the paladin of Torm, Onthar Frume, debriefs and informs them of the changes that have transpired in the Realms for the past century, as well as the new alliance between the Order of the Gauntlet, (whom he represents) and the Lords Alliance. He informs the band that Duchess Jannath has requested they aid Elturel in a mission to infiltrate an Iron Throne caravan traveling north to Waterdeep that leaves Balder’s Gate in a ten-day; they are to pose as caravan guards and obtain as much intelligence as possible, namely: why has the Cult of the Dragon been gathering a vast hoard of treasure for the past century, and where is it being safeguarded. Paladin Frume outfits the party, providing horses, travel and adventuring gear, arms and armor, as well as arranging for a riverboat to take them to Balder’s Gate.

As final payment and reward he presents them with a large, uncut ruby valued at 9,000 gold pieces, (known as the Heart of Murilantilathenes) to be awarded upon successfully completing their mission.

Tarsakh 2, thulsun (early afternoon)
On the second day of their journey east to Baldur’s Gate, the Band is attacked by an adult black dragon, who sinks the river boat and kills all but one of the crew. The dragon appears intent on reclaiming the dragon eggs, but is swiftly defeated and killed by the Band.

Tarsakh 4, harbright (early morning)
The Band secretly arrives in Baldur’s Gate, and meet with Grand Duchess Jannath at her manor in the Upper City.

Tyranny of the Dragon Queen, part I, episode 1
Dungeon Master Session recap

21 Ches, Dusk.

The Band of the Twin foxes investigates the caves that the Cult of the Dragon has used as a temporary treasury, and hatchery for dragon eggs. They confront Langdedrosa Cyanwrath, the blue scaled half-dragon warrior, and the kobold servitors of the cult. Upon defeating and subduing the dragon warrior, (and a short rest) the party send Sir Darian and Nazene with their captive to a hidden area in the mercenary camp outside. The rest continue to investigate the caves, searching for the missing sage Lesoin Earlanthar of Candlekeep..

After a series of confrontations against flocks of stirges, kobolds, and drake lizards, the adventurer’s discover a shrine to the dragon goddess Tiamat. As they inspect this sacred chamber, a mind flayer revealing itself from a spell of invisibility, as well as a a mentally dominated Frulam Mondath, attempt to ambush the party. Mondath demands the Crescent Blade of Tchazzar returned, then attacks Zolis. The Illithid then casts an ancient Netherese spell locked in an ancient scroll, which traps everyone in a spell of time-stop, sealing the Band and their enemies for nearly a hundred years; trapping them in the effects of a chronomancy spell. After the effects of the spell wear off the party defeat and behead the Mind Flayer, discovering several items of magic on him, (potions).


Soon after this encounter, the dragon warrior Langdedrosa appears near the entrance to the hatchery, (and who somehow escaped Nazene and Darian with the aid of the Illithid and Frulam). Langdedrosa issues a challenge, which is answered by Torgn Amberfief, who soundly defeats him in single combat. The party continue their exploration of the caves, and rescue the sage Leosin of Candlekeep, who has been tortured and bound to a stalagmite in the dragon hatchery, (along with 3 dragon eggs that are soon to hatch, a blue, black and bronze egg).

Letters and missives containing clues to the Cult’s activities, are found in one of the chambers, pointing to a secret castle in the north, where the cult has been gathering followers and a vast hoard of treasure. Also among the letters are communiques between senior operatives of the Iron Throne and Cult of the Dragon. Among these letters are outlines and plans by the Iron Throne to destabilize weapons trade in the Heartlands, assassination orders against the Council of Four, and plans to liquidate investments to transfer wealth to the Cult of the Dragon. The party collects these as evidence of the Iron Throne/Cult of the Dragon alliance.


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