Adventuring Company of the Twin Foxes

Keys to the Wind
(supplemental to Blood Money part 2)

These are the words dedicated to a time of contemplation in the wake of bloodshed. Penance dedicated to every lost breath and choice made, but sacrificed to ease the suffering of others. The Way has influenced all, mortals and gods alike, each given power to alleviate one’s suffering over the other. But even the Way defies itself, so that compassion may not always be compassionate and I, Yu Seong-Won, must walk in a journey bereft of home, land, and heaven.

There is nothing clean, little justice exists in my time under the Red Wizards and ultimately in the ruinous cultures of Faerun. I could still imagine a business transaction being clean and safe, but walking outside the influence of the Red Wizards has presented a reality where double-dealings and assassinations were far sloppier than the expected course. But this is still within the Way.

As the path continues to unfold, we meet with comrades: Kethra and Eldon, by the large statue in the heart of Balduranian open area, the Wide. They introduce us to a new member of our company, a Paladin of Tyr named Sir Darian Burrwood. A holy warrior, these paladins, are often met with skepticism by those with power and are often champions of justice. But the values of justice can be skewed and I only know that Sir Darian’s inclusion could only add to a stronger path for the Company.

Fortunately, Sir Darian and our minstrel, Zolis, have been effective in his social dealings. His skills with the half-elves we recovered from the League of Six Fingers has been promising, but this falls in line with his sense of compassion. A bright light can guide the lost, but blind the awoken. We discerned from these half-elves had a weak elven education and were deprived further of knowing their part in the world. This loss of insight is troubling, but I must stay watchful as to not incur shadowed fault.
It occurs to me now in writing that these half-elves were taken by sea vessel. I would ask my comrades aboard the Emerald Kraken towards connections to slave ships, to sacrifice the stability of a trade to mar Loviatar yet honor the Furies. To be the whip-bearer upon the slavers does seem enticing.

Meeting with Skoond was troublesome. We were assaulted by various assassins, whom the Minstrel later discovered intended to capture us and not kill us. That note explained the paralyzing poison which coated their weapons. With the commotion that erupted, I wondered if Skoond was captured or killed. The revelation that he was still intact and unaware of what transpired drew my suspicion and curiosity. I watched and allowed us to play the Calishite’s game, as though we were fresh on the scene, one which some of us knew well.

Further spending time with Skoond only attracted more of the dark garbed men, the cultists with six fingers. All perched at varying elevations around the well we thought to show Skoond, the well which ironically was the Six-Fingers’ hideout for their slave shipments. There was no time to scale the varying buildings to intercept any of them. We fled.

Although it would be honorable to note the cultist lieutenant who felt powerful enough to challenge us, the defeat of this lone figure is enough to satiate this log. What now? What more? We took Skoon and the lone cultist to a safehouse. It was somehow, some way, that in the climax of the situation, something within me stirred.

Before anything else, I meditated.

Confessions to She Who Listens
(supplemental to Blood Money part 2)

And now we have six pretty, naive waifs from scattered winds. Useless – beautiful, but no will, nothing to draw out and sharpen. Bound for a harem or a sacrifice, no doubt. Kethra says ’tis a heretical cult of Waukeen, of the Six fingers, who mean to pay her ransom in the worst way. I figure a bloak sick enough to wear a six-fingered glove, the sixth finger scavenged and dead off a mark – well.

Turon’s got a good knack – made us a message that only I ’eard. So worth ’aving a Gondite with us!

New squaddie today; pally of Tyr. Towers over us all, and near well makes me look plain. Wonder what Kethra thinks?

The waifs know nothing, was a waste o’ time.

We elbows our ways into the Underceller; me only surprise is not being ’ere before meself. That and the selection of vitals. Right impressive like.

Which means o’course we was interrupted – was too fast for Skoond to arrive, and ‘ad me dagger out – ’adn’t thought they’d bloody well empty the tavern with their numbers!

Sadly – for them – numbers ‘re squat ’gainst talent and setting, an’ we used the layout to our ’vantage.

Got ta say – was right proud. Torgn and Darian carved out the ‘allway free, Zolis ’arrassed them, but took a bad blow. Seung was a pleasure to see, movin’ so quick-like, ’ands like axes, ’cept less blood. What need for me! Zolis rallied, rattled a man, and ’tween the others, the enemy was swept away like sand ’fore a wave. Torgn made like a statue – but Darian blessed ’im by Tyr, and gods, even from the next room, could feel that power. Darted out to do my bit, but the boys ’ad it, even if they got nicked and pummelled.

Skoond walked in just as done. I arranged a trade for the assassins to ‘im, got ’is assurance ’e’d not ‘arm ’em. Nearly ’ad a go meself at the lead, but silence take all, I could see Kethra’s glare though she weren’t there. So’s gettin’ Skoond’s word – and coin – turned the captured to ’em.

Zolis, though – he worked the captured. Wasn’t satisfied. Got their employer smelled of cinnamon, and then he caught o’ whiff o’ Skoond – cinnamon. A calishite spice; weren’t conclusive, but why not find out?

That rat-bastard. I follows ‘im to another tavern, one with rooms above, and when ’e and ’is come down without, I takes a look. Sure as night, there they are, the assassins dead and bleeding out in a room. ’e ’ired these saps to rough us up, so’s to get the goods and not spend the coin. Fool.

Skoond wants to be shown the well. Fine. We already agreed, ’aving warned the Waukeen temple – or what it is – were there. But no, ’e wants to go. So we do.

Seong an’ I gets a bad feeling – hells, we all do. Meetin’ of five alleys, and out pops crossbows all ‘round, sayin’ surrender or die. Skoond’s never seen this before – wants to surrender – never. The boys’ll never, I’ll never, never be sold off down like the waifs. Seong is fast, a blink ‘n ’is off, but Skoond’s off balance, slips, breaks an ankle or some damn thing., throwing Seung off, too. We don’t ’ave time – I grab the blinkered mage, haul down the alley, the gang running too.

But hells, Skoond’s not light. Stashing ’im, we regroup, spring an attack on our attackers.

Only one, and ‘e knows we’re ’ere – a confident berk.

Darian snaps, charges. Berk dodges like ain’t no thing. I dash a stab – air and dust. Berk says something, and Darian goes rigid, stuck like a statue; berk threatens to kill ‘em if we don’t talk.

Well, we don’t like that.

We all show just ‘ow much we think o’ that, and night’s shroud, ’e’s still standing. I takes a defensive stance before Darian. Much good that does – berk says a spell, and Darian’s hit by blinding streaks, no chance for me ta cut them down. He reels, and w’ that, we piles on, for we’re all dead less the berk drops.

Berk dodges me strikes, but the boys chop ‘em down, touch’n’go but who cares, they do it. Zolis sings something, and gods, Darian breaths easier, don’t know ’ow.

We bundle up the berk, grab Skoond, and scatter-make for the safe house, the scum after us not the wiser.

My question, oh Listener – keep Skoond’s ugly little secret? Or confront ’im, such as the others make their displeasure known over ’is ambush and ill-treatment of ’is ’ired berks?

Blood Money for the Goddess, Part 2
Dungeon Master's session recap

21st day of Hammer, 3 Bells after Dawn


The Band of the Twin Foxes meets to discuss the day’s business at the floating Festhall known as the Low Lantern, located Dockside. In attendance are Torgn, Nazene, Zolis, and Seong. They discuss investigating further the circumstances that delivered 6 half-elven “cargo” into the hands of slavers, possible links to the Harborhands guild, and the significance of a heretical cult of Waukeen, (goddess of Wealth and Commerce) the League of Six Fingered Gentlemen.

An hour later the Band meets with Kethra and Eldon at the Wide, where they are formally introduced to the newest member of the Company of the Twin Foxes—Sir Darian Burrwood. After formal introductions, the Company returns to their safehouse.

The Band get to know their half-elven charges, and discover they hail from many differing parts of the Relams, two are from Tethyr, one from Cormyr to the East, one from the North, and another from the neigboring kingdom of Amn to the South. The half-elves open up to Sir Darian and Zolis, and discover that while they are all half-elven, none were raised to speak the elven tongue. They confirm that they traveled by river and by coastal ship, and that they were all taken in the late hours of the night against their will.

The Band decide it is time to meet with the Calishite wizard Ibralym Skoond at their appointed rendezvous at the Undercellar, an unsavory underground Festhall in the Uppercity. They are then ambushed by a dozen cloaked men, armed with light crossbows with poisoned bolts. After defeating their enemies, Skoond auspiciously arrives to discuss payment and takes custody of 3 surviving ruffians. Nazene follows Skoond and discovers he has had them killed by his bodyguard.

Later in the day the adventurers meets near Dockside to show Skoond the Blessed Well of Waukeen, but are ambushed again by more than a dozen armed cultists from above, barely escaping only to be confronted by a handsome half-elf who nearly kills Sir Darian with magic, and is subdued for later questioning. Eldon uses his powes of Divination to uncover that the leather armor, dagger, cloak and wand of the handsome half elf possess a strong dweomer.

Blood Money for the Goddess, part 1
Dungeon Master's session recap

18th Day of the Month of Hammer, also called the Deepwinter, in the 1373 year of the Dale Reckoning, known as the Year of the Rogue Dragons.

The Company of the Twin Foxes meets a potential employer, who is seneschal to an anonymous Patriar. The colorful and effete Calishite, Ibralym Skoond, wizard of dubious skill, hires the Company for a job. He seeks to discover the nature, cargo, destination of a mysterious smuggling ring that operates in the harbors of Baldur’s Gate.
Nazene, the negotiator and face of the Company, bargains for a handsome purse of 300 gp, with a retainer of 8 gp per member and upon conclusion, a donation to the Church of Kelemvor.

19th of Hammer:
Each member investigates various elements of the city, gathering intelligence on the smuggling operation. A time is set to start a stake out for the smugglers on the northern side of the Wyrm’s Crossing bridge, near the slums of the Outer City. Seong, the Kara-Turan Monk, makes an accidental discovery.

20th Hammer:
Through various means, and eluding a Flaming Fist patrol, the Company makes the discovery of smuggling boats obfuscated by magical means. The smugglers employ workers from the Harborhands Guild and are involved in transporting slave cargo. A climactic fight results in the defeat of the smugglers and the discovery of 8 youthful half-elves, both male and female. Signs point to involvement from a mysterious cult, known as the League of the Six Fingered Gentlemen, who worship the goddess of wealth Waukeen. Near mid-day, the Company follows a tunnel that exits on the outer walls of the Upper City near the coast, and leather gloves with 6 fingers are discovered.

The Tale of the Twin Foxes
submitted by Steven Rodriguez


Once, when the world was new and the grip of man was not yet on the woods, there was a pair of young foxes named Mori and Moro. Both were born to the same litter, and had a mother with a beautiful dark coat and silvery eyes. Mori took after her mother very closely and so was an excellent stalker hunting from the shadows. Moro was much different, he was born with a thick silvery coat and dark black eyes, which made it very difficult to sneakily hunt the eggs and other small animals he so richly desired.

“Brother, why do you push yourself so hard? You know it is impossible for you equal the rest of our litter in hunting?” Questioned Mori one overcast afternoon

“I know I am just as good as the rest of you. I am strong, and quiet, and this coat was given to me for a reason” Replied Moro, confident and brave.

It so happens that while these foxes do not sleep during the winter, they are very careful to keep plenty of food and limit the need to hunt far from home. This year, food was scarce, and winter approached much more quickly than in the past.

The other foxes were deeply worried, as they did not feel comfortable hunting in the dark and deep cold of the winter months. Moro rose to the challenge, every day he left the den and ranged far and wide bringing much food home with him. He found prey was much easier to hunt in winter, as mice and groundhogs would often be resting.

From then on the litter gave Moro the respect he deserved, and he spent many winters hunting where he wished. None of the litter ever forgot that even the animals which seem strange all have a purpose built for them in the end.

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