Adventuring Company of the Twin Foxes

Tyranny of the Dragon Queen, Finale of Part I

Dungeon Master Session recap

Flamerule the 21st, harbright, (early morning)

The adventuring company returns to Skyreach castle, arriving four days later after obtaining the skull of Esclarotta, wife of the Cloud giant chief Blagothkus.

Upon landing they are informed via a Sending spell cast by Urist the Dwarf that Blagothkus has begun his attack against the Cult, his aim to regain control of the fortress and aid the heroes in their mission to assist him. After Kenebti, piloting the helm of the skyship, lands the vessel on the lower courtyard, the crew are soon confronted by the Red Wizard Rath Modar, who appeared to be getting ready to mount a wyvern.

After a pitched conflict, the adventurers are able to kill the red wizard.

The company then mount two of the wyverns and ascend to the upper courtyard, where Blagothkus, and his stone and hill giant warriors, has made their stand against the cultists. The adventurers soon find that the cloud giant and his allies have defeated and killed many of the cultists, (and thrown the remainder over the battlements to their deaths).

An hour later, after strategizing their next move, Blagothkus leads the adventurers to the caves beneath the fortress, where Glazhael, the Cloudchaser, an adult white dragon, lairs in guarding the massive hoard that has been looted by the cult and the Iron Throne.

Soon, the party enters the frozen, ice and mist laden lair of the white dragon…

The dragon launches a surprise assault, breathing its frozen attack upon Blagothkus, who choses to take point in leading the assault. Soon, the rest of the party joins, with the dragon slamming his tail to release shards of frozen stalagmites, (many with frozen corpses) that crash into the frozen ground. Seconds of combat ensue, with the Twin Foxes adventuring company managing to would the creature sufficiently that it seeks self-preservation.

After a concerted counter-attack the adventurer’s make a valiant effort to slay the white dragon, but it eludes them, using many of its lair tricks to escape through one of the larger tunnels beneath Skyreach Castle.

At last, the heroes have successfully gained control of the flying giant fortress, and a vast hoard of treasure meant as tribute to the Dragon Queen Tiamat…

Here ends the first part of the Tyranny of the Dragon Queen.


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