Adventuring Company of the Twin Foxes

Tyranny of the Dragon Queen, Part I, episode 10

Dungeon Master Session recap

Flamerule 14, godswake (around 5am)

The company arrives at the village of Parnast, in the Greypeak Mountains. As they Halruuan sky ship approaches the mountain village the company detect a squadron of mounted wyverns on an intercept course. After a skirmish, the adventurers manage to defeat the dragonsoul cultists and unsaddle the Red Wizard Rath Modar after he attempts to escape with his rescued apprentice.

Harbright, (around 9am)
The company dock in Parnast at the bridge built by the villagers to load troops and treasure into Skyreach Castle; promptly finding their companions Urerk and Torgn, who is informed that his daughter is none other than the Red Wizard’s apprentice Thalas Ankh. Torgn informs the company that a new agent has joined the Twin Foxes Company, a representative, (and skilled thief) from the Lords of Waterdeep, who show interest in the success of the adventurer’s mission. The party take on provisions and supplies and within 4 hours take flight on a heading towards the Spine of the World Mountains, some 900 miles to the north…

Flamerule 17, noontide.
The adventurers arrive at Miklos Glacier, a valley of snow and ice atop a major range of mountains; promptly scouting from aboard their skyship with the aid of the Farseer of Illusk telescope that the adventurers looted from Castle Nearytar. They settle near the base of a massive ice cliff, using arcane magic, (and a mounted wyvern – Fluffy) to make an effective landing. As they approach the narrow entrance to a white dragon’s lair, they are ambushed by a Remorhaz, who is protecting a clutch of eggs in that area. The adventurers manage to slay the creature, steal its eggs, (12) and soon meet Dalo, a hermit who interrogates them on their purpose. He offers aid once the party informs them of their mission to defeat the Cult of the Dragon and bring stability to the glacier’s warring factions.

Dalo directs them to meet with the frost giant Jarl Brunvild, who is in possession of Esclarotta’s skull, after his giants entered Glazhael’s lair and discovered it abandoned; the skull unprotected.

About an hour later…
The skyship drops off the adventurer’s near the massive longhouse of the frost giants, along with 6 eggs and the decapitated head of the remorhaz mother, to serve as proof of their strength and prowess in battle. The frost giants receive the party, usher them to their Jarl, and they begin to negotiate possession of the cloud giant’s remains. The agree to drink the Spirit Mead, and walk into an ice storm to receive visions from the giant gods.

A vision presents twin baby foxes, one snow white, one jet black, who speak to the adventurer’s: seek the seven golden stags who guard the old hermit, he will lead them to the truth…

You soon find an old man, hunched over, surrounded by seven majestic stags with proud antlers of a golden sheen. Speaking to the old hermit, he prophecies, “She rises from Hell…” he tells you he is a prisoner of the Dragon Queen, they must plead before the Council of Dragons, and tell them “Bahamut is a prisoner of the Dragon Queen; grant welcome and aid to the good folk of the Realms, offer aid against the Cult of the Dragon and stop the escape of the Dragon Queen.” He then discorporated into wisps of falling snow…

The adventurers return to the frost giants and present the vision they have had; for braving the cold snows of the glacier, and daring to drink the Spirit Mead, King Brunvild hosts them a feast and grants them the skull of Esclarotta the Cloud giantess.


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