Adventuring Company of the Twin Foxes

The Maze Tower of Xonthal

Dungeon Master Session Log

22 Eleint, Mid morning

The airship Azuth’s Chariot lands about 1 hour south of the Maze tower, on the southern foothills of the Greaypeak Mountains, near the Marsh of Chelimber, 5 days east of Waterdeep. The Company trek to the maze and enter it, arriving at a junction of ivy covered hedges that diverges into the 8 Cardinal Points; in the center, a 10 ft metal sundial sits on a stone pedestal, on the horizon the tower looms, a squat 4 sided tower of approximately 6 or 8 floors.


The Company follow signs of the sundial that points to various directions into the Maze; each takes the adventurers into a hedge enclosed area. Upon first arriving the party discover the dead bodies of 7 Cultists of the Dragon, one carries a hand written note in common indicating he tried to abandon the cult and hints that the Blue Dragon Mask may be found inside the Tower. The Sundial points South and the party begins its quest:

  • An ancient aberration known as an Aboleth that inflicts a terrible disease on Roland, (a Garnet stone)
  • A maze guarded by a pair of metal-armored Gorgons, one which petrifies the Druid-Monk Shin; (who transforms himself into a large Brown Bear to battle the Gorgon, now weighing 2.5 tons) he is left until a plan can be devised to break the petrification, (a Diamond gem)
  • A mystical Genie that manages to poison the adventurers and nearly succeeds in Plane Shifting the bard Zolis to the Elemental Plan of Fire (a Jade Stone)

By nightfall the party return to the Sundial junction, and decide upon taking a long rest; one more challenge awaits them, and now the Sundial points to itself…

Treasure gained:
6 Potions of Healing,
1 Potion of Growth,
1 Potion of Fire Breath,
a Wand of Fear (with 3 remaining charges)
3 Daggers +1
a Driftglobe
an Elemental Gem (clear sapphire/air elemental)

Experience Earned (each):
3, 450 XP


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