Adventuring Company of the Twin Foxes

Rise of the Dragon Queen, Episode 4: the Desolation of Neronvain

Dungeon Master Session log

7 Elesias
Highsun, (noontide)

The company enters the lair of the the Ancient green dragon and the apparent headquarters of the Wyrmspeaker Neronvain. They enlist the aid of a druid serving the Misty Forest, who goes by the name of Shin Mourningleaf, a Copper elf. They soon enter the lair before they are quickly confronted by a trio of Ettin guards, who are quickly dispatched by the adventurers.


They encounter a vast cavern with a deep pool, as well as the remains of elves that have been captured by Neronvain and tortured. Soon they confront the majestic and terrifying form of Chuth, who rises from the pool to attack, breathing noxious gas and then quickly submerging after a brief counter-attack from the adventurers. This attack and counter attack continues, as the party is worn down and soon have to seek escape into a nearby cave tunnel. The offensive is turned around as the half-orc warrior, Sorod, retreats with his unconscious companions and then after a brief respite, all return to confront the Wyrmspeaker Neronvain, who inspects the scene of battle. After a quick skirmish, Chuth and his master escape.

A Couple of hours later…
The adventurers continue to inspect the rest of the caverns and discover Neronvain’s private command post, and after dealing with poisoned traps, discover secret missives and intel belonging to the Cult of the Dragon. The private journals detail the ritual to summon Tiamat from Hell, and the names of important operatives of the new Cult of the Dragon in the Sword Coast. With this vital information, the heroes decide to teleport instantly to Waterdeep…



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