Adventuring Company of the Twin Foxes

Rise of the Dragon Queen, Episode 3

Dungeon Master Session Log

Upon spotting the white dragon Glazhael the Cloudchaser the company begin to descend their Halruuan skyship; they enter a vicious melee with the dragon, soon defeating it…

Several days after entering the Misty Forest…

The adventurers arrive at the borders of the Misty Forest, only a couple of days east of Daggerford. King Melendrach and his guards escort the party into his kingdom, and direct them to the territory that the renegade elf Neronvain has established as his demesne.


As the adventurers travel into the mist-shourded forest that gives the land its name, the adventurers are attacked by misshapen and corrupted vegetation, (shambling mounds). Soon, however, the company arrives near a cave opening with a waterfall, and see first hand the depredations of the ancient green dragon Chuth the Poisonous. As they prepare their plan suddenly a mighty green dragon erupts from the small lake before the cave entrance…


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