Adventuring Company of the Twin Foxes

Rise of the Dragon Queen, Episode 2

Dungeon Master's Session Log

30th day of Flamerule, early morning.

The adventurers rejoin in Dock Ward near the Ships Prow Inn, where they share the previous nights adventure and are troubled by the terrifying sound of the Draakhorn, the ancient artifact that is heralded to summon all the most powerful dragons of the realms for some unknown purpose. Upon waking all the members of the adventuring company find an uninvited guest in their rooms, a Devil by the name of Lord Volmer, who despite having the appearance of a rich Waterdhavian noble, still shows small horns and a prehensile tail which betray his true nature. He imparts on all the adventurers simultaneously a message from Zariel, the ruler of the First Layer of Hell where Tiamat was kept prisoner.

Highsun, (high noon)
The adventurers later escort Grand Duke Ulder Ravengard to Piergeiron’s Palace, in Castle Ward, which is the meeting place for the Council of Waterdeep. The adventurers each relate the events of the last six months, relating the alliances made with a Cloud giant, and the vanquishing of white dragon who’s hoard the party has claimed as their prize.

During the Council the adventurers are lauded for their bravery and heroism, and the paladin Onthar Frume, who is representing Elturel and the Order of the Gauntlet, gives the heroes a gift: the Heart of Imvaerharho, a large uncut ruby worth thousands of gold pieces.

The leader of the Council, Laeral Silverhand, who is the Open Lord of Watredeep, (and one of the famous Seven Sisters, immortal Chosen of the goddess Mystra) calls for the combined forces of the Lords Alliance, the Order of the Gauntlet, the Emerald Enclave and the Harpers to put aside their differences and defeat the Cult of the Dragon once and for all. Laeral then summons the Dragon Scholar of Candlekeep, Leosin Earlanthar to share his knowledge of the Draakhorn, Tiamat, the Five Dragon Masks, and Chromatic Dragons.

The Council proposes several courses of action for the adventuring company:

  • Pursue a mission to the North to seek the Tiefling Wizard of the Host Tower of the Arcana, Maccath the Crimson, who is an expert on the artifact known as the Draakhorn and who vanished several winters ago.
  • Pursue a mission to find the dwarf Wyrmspeaker Varram the White, who according to intelligence obtained by Lord Neverember has lost the White Dragon Mask.
  • Pursue a mission to aid King Melendrach to rid his realm of the ancient green dragon Chuth and the Cult of the Dragon leader Neronvain the Green Dragon Wyrmspeaker who possesses the Green Dragon Mask.

After a few hours of deliberation the adventurers and the Council decide to undertake a new mission: to aid King Melendrach of the the Copper Elves of the Misty Forest, who’s realm is besieged by the Ancient Green dragon Chuth, who’s moniker “the Emerald Assassin” is known through the Sword Coast. King Melendrach also reveals to the Council that the Green Dragon Wyrmspeaker, an elf by the name of Neronvain, is also in his realm. King Brawnanvil of Mithral Hall offers the heroes a few of his best adventurers to aid their mission. The heroes are also made offers of titles by Lord Dagult Neverember of Neverwinter.

Following the Council, Zolis is approached by a servant who delivers to him a small parchment, which is a message from a Harper agent in Waterdeep, to meet with him and the party at the Yawning Portal Inn by eventide. After the adventurers make necessary purchases for their adventure, (potions, gear). They visit Aurora’s Realms Shop and the tower of the Watchful Order of Magists & Protectors.

The Yawning Portal, Castle Ward, Eventide.
The adventurers meet with a Harper by the name of Remalia Haventree, or “Remi” as she prefers to be called. She informs the party of a noble lady of Waterdeep, Lady Dala Silmerhelve, who has befriended a Bronze dragon by the name of Nymurrh who shared that a gathering of powerful Metallic dragons is calling for its own council.

The adventurers return to the Ships Prow Inn, meet briefly with Grand Duke Ravengard, who informs the party he will remain in Waterdeep until the next council; he also urges the heroes to stay in communication if they do indeed acquire the Dragon Mask of the Green Wyrmspeaker Neronvain.

1st day of Elesias, harbright, (early morning)
The adventurers take their leave and sail out of Waterdeep harbor aboard the Halruaan sky ship Azuth’s Chariot (which appears to be just an ordinary seagoing Caravel ship). Soon upon leaving sight of land and the City of Splendors Kenebti uses the ship’s Control Rod to activate the sky ships flight, elevating the ship out of the water and using the Pouch of Winds to gain speed towards the Misty Forest in the South. While on their journey, they speak with King Melendrach who is awed by the Halruaan sky ships powerful magics.

2nd day of Elesias, elsun, (late morning)
The adventurers see sight of the fast realm of the Misty Forest when suddenly, far away in the Eastern horizon, they spot the large form of the White dragon Glazhael, who flies towards the flying vessel with considerable speed…


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