Adventuring Company of the Twin Foxes

Rise of the Dragon Queen, Episode 1

Dungeon Master Session recap

23rd day of Flamerule

The adventurers remain on Skyreach Castle, (hidden behind clouds high above the town of Evereska) to rest for 2 days, granted hospitality by the Cloud Giant leader Blagothkus, who returns the skull of his beloved to her resting place in the central control tower of the upper keep. He briefly shares his views on dragons and their aeons old conflict with the giant races of Faerun.

Zolis and Aiden both decide to use their Sending Stones to report in, and receive instructions on the next step of their mission. Zolis is requested to return to Baldur’s Gate and to serve as diplomatic envoys to escort newly elected Grand Duke Ulder Ravengard to Waterdeep, which has summoned the members of the Lords Alliance, Order of the Gauntlet, and the Emerald Enclave to its first council.

The dwarven cleric of Clangeddin, Urist, tells the company that he wishes to remain with Blagothkus, and that the Cloud giant has agreed to transport him near Mirabar with his share of the dragon’s hoard. At this point Torgn informs that party he will be retiring from adventuring, now that he has achieved his mission of finding his daughter Sarah, he asks the party to take him to Baldur’s Gate, where he plans to become a private investigator for hire.

The adventurers take the Halruuan skyship west, and journey for 3 days gaining considerable wind-speed via use of the magical Pouch of the Winds. They decide to dock the skyship at the secret cave beneath the Cliffside Fortress, and to secure most of the treasure they gained from the white dragon Glazhael the Cloudchaser, which escaped and has not been seen. The Company elect for Seong, who had arrived a tenday before, to remain in command of the fortress and its mercenary henchmen.

Flamerule the 26th
Elsun, (or late morning)
The adventurers settle into the Cliffside Fortress, take account from their mercenary henchmen, the Mithral Fangs, which are paid from the vast treasure gained. They offer rumors of the assassination of Duchess Jannath, but otherswise report that things have been quiet since the Iron Throne and their Cult allies travelled East.

At this time Torgn and his daughter Sarah thank the heroes and inform them that he is retiring from adventuring life, and that he will settle in Baldur’s Gate with his share of the treasure. He also gifts his impressive suit of Adamantine armor to the paladin Aiden, who thanks him and has it customer fitted with his distinctive alters and citrine gemstones on its breastplate in the sunburst symbol of the Church of Lathander.

By evening the party are in Baldur’s Gate where they spend the night in a travelers Inn near Blackgate.

Flamerule 27th
The party head out to the Wide to make purchases. Before leaving Grand Duke Ravengard meets with the heroes and inducts the three new adventurers, Aiden, Kenebti and Roland, as official members of the Twin Foxes Adventuring Company. He also officially requests the party to escort him to Waterdeep. Soon after, the party head to the Wide to purchase gear and find an armorer and carpenter to serve as henchmen for their adventuring.

Flamerule 29th

After a magically enhanced 2 & half days of travel, the part arrives at Waterdeep. They land the ship on the Sea of Swords and sail into the harbor, soon they are docked and secure accommodations at the Ships Prow Inn. Eldon informs his companions that he wishes to visit the headquarters of the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors, of which he is a member, to study and gather/trade spells, and that he will rejoin in a day or two.

Grand Duke Ravengard gives the adventurers leave for some R&R and they soon split with Aiden and Zolis headed to the famous tavern Selune’s Smile while Rolly and Kenebti locate entry into Skullport, where things get interesting for both parties…

Flamerule 30th
early Dawn

The adventurers rejoin near the docks and both groups head to the Ships Prow to rest their hangovers and wounds. Soon though, all are awakened by the terrifying sound of a war horn that appears to be heard throughout the entire western realm of Faerun…


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